Dream Symphony – Game of the Week: Bouncing to Musical Perfection

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Dream Symphony is our free, online game of the week, and it’s a music themed platformer that will have you bouncing to the sky with your musical professor… How high can you get?

Redefines Uplifting Music…

So, this is how Dream Symphony works: you control the maestro music professor with your mouse or keyboard, and jump as high as you can, bouncing on sleeping sheep, musical notes and bubbles of inspiration. Try landing on instruments (but avoid the out of tune red ones…) for extra notes and boost!

The upgrades allow you to navigate more easily, using various power-ups like sour note freezing Ice Cubes or the invincibility granting Muse Sunglasses. If you manage to make it to 4748 feet, you can really pet your own shoulder, it is not an easy task!

How high can you jump?

The higher you jump with the Maestro in Dream Symphony, the closer you scale to musical perfection. I can never seem to get past 500 feet, but can you do any better? Let us know your (literally) high scores!

Up for it then? Dream Symphony is fun, easy to pick up ‘n’ play, pretty addictive and of course wonderfully musical. Go check this game out and let the muse uplift you to new and unknown heights!


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