The Ultimate Halloween Costume for Geeks… Made with your Smartphone!

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by

Halloween 2011 saw one of the most creative costumes ever with NASA engineer Mark Rober using an iPad to create a see-through costume. And now he’s back with the ultimate halloween costume for geeks, and once again you can make it with your smartphone!


Only for rocket scientists?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create what might well be the best costume around… but clearly it doesn’t hurt! NASA engineer Mark has come up with the perfect halloween costume for the geek in you this Halloween 2012: a free app that animates your costume when fitted underneath it…

And you can either let your creative juices flow and make a costume with a hole in it yourself (and with a flap that holds your smartphone or tablet behind it), or just buy one of the ready-to-wear t-shirts Mark has pre-designed and stocked on the DigitalDudz wesbite. Costumes on DigitalDudz include an open wound, Romney or Obama (of course…) and a creepy man with a moving eye.

Here’s one I made earlier:

We do love our holidays at All My Faves, and I actually took it upon myself to get everyone in the HQ geared up for Halloween by making an animated costume for everyone to enjoy! Here’s how mine turned out: 

Bottom Line on DigitalDudz: Creative, Fun… and Geeky!

DigitalDudz’ smartphone halloween costume is an ingenious, techy costume idea that really could help you to stand out at the office Halloween party this year… if you’re geek enough to pull it off 😉

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