Monsterland 3 – Junior Returns

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 by

Monsterland 3 - challenges your thinking ability determination, and creativityMonsterland 3 is a strategy game that will require your thinking cap, mouse, computer screen, and most importantly determination. It’s a great game if you have an hour to kill or just looking for a challenge.

Sleep With One Eye Open

Monsterland 3 is a great game for everyone. It challenges your thinking ability determination, and creativity. The goal of the game is quite simple. Your goal is to reunite a little square buddy down to his sleeping, snoring bigger buddy who will wake up once they are reunited. Through the use of a few clicks of the mouse, you have to make squares disappear, avoid sharp saws, stay away from hazards, so that in the end, the little red square buddy lands safely on his larger buddy. The game is pretty easy at first, but once you get past level 20, you will definitely need to start thinking a lot more.

Monsterland - introduces new obstacles that add to the experience and the challengeThe Joy of a Long Awaited Reunion

Although 2 versions were released to Monsterland, this new installment introduces new obstacles that add to the experience and the challenge. Junior Returns continues the vibrant visuals and fun inventive level design of the previous two versions. Don’t you wan’t to help junior reunite with his good friend?! Do your best with the least amount of clicks to collect the most amount of points. All in all, Monsterland 3 Junior Returns is a great physics strategy game that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. If you want a light, fun, challenging game, check out Monsterland 3 here.

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