Humble Bundle: Pay-What-You-Want Bundles of Indie Games

Posted on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 by

humblefinalHumble Bundle offers bundles of awesome indie games, available for purchase on a pay-what-you-want model.

Pay Whatever You Want, Get Awesome Bundles of Games and Books

Humble Bundle is one of the best ways to obtain batches of new Steam games. humblemumbler4The site makes its games available in bundles, typically compiled based on similar content and qualities or by a particular company (a Star Wars bundle and a Square Enix bundle have been featured recently, for instance). These bundles are made available for a specified amount of time, and a counter ticks down second-by-second in order to remind visitors how much time they have to take advantage of the deal. Humble Bundle uses a unique pricing model, allowing customers to pay what they want. Typically three games are offered for any price, and then additional games are made available if you pay more. This gives customers the incentive to pay for games fairly, and receive additional content in the process.


Support the Site, Game-makers, and Charity with Every Purchase

humblebundle3Humble Bundle currently features four different types of bundles. There’s the main bundle — typically with the best content and available for the longest amount of time. There are Weekly and Mobile Bundles, which should be self-explanatory. There’s also the Book Bundle, which offers DRM-free, multi-format e-books for instant download. As is the case with the games, the books section offers a way for readers to discover content from indie publishers that’s not featured as prominently elsewhere. Another awesome aspect of Humble Bundle’s pricing model is the ability to choose how your money is divided amongst the site, the game-makers/book publishers and charity organizations. You can also pay with Paypal, card, Amazon or Bitcoin. The pay-what-you-want, distribute-how-you-want makes for a positive, supportive community of gamers. In exchange for great content, customers get to give back, too.


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