Game Over Gopher: Play The Tower Defense Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Game Over Gopher is a  tower defense game where your job is to defend the garden’s one and only carrot from the hungry gophers, not by shooting them, but by feeding them with baby carrots until they… well, explode!

But the game maker was probably an animal lover so instead of bursting in flames they kind of turn into a rainbow

Defend the garden’s sole carrot!

Like most tower defense games Game Over Gopher has a road on-which the evil gophers must walk and you have to intercept them by positioning baby carrots launchers, beet traps, garlic rays to slow them down, iceburg lettuce to freeze them and more… A nice play on the Plants vs. Zombies game theme that worked so well on the iPhone.

To keep you engaged, Game Over Gopher makes you pay for new towers, upgrades, bombs and more with rubies, which you earn by drilling for them during the game. Ruby drills are free, but have to be placed on specific coordinates on the graph.

You have been rainbowed!

There is not many upgrades for the towers and neither is it strategically difficult. But what made us choose Game Over Gopher for our game of the week is its nice difficulty curve, some pretty funny boss gophers and the game’s overall cuteness. Play it, enjoy it, and tell your friends! Who said rugged, hairy-chested, masculine men (ie. me…) can’t love cute gophers!


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