Color Tanks: Our Arena Shooter Game of the Week!

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 by

On Color Tanks you enter the arena in a paint shooting battle tank, fighting whoever comes your way! Upgrade your tank and blast your way to glory!

A Bouncy Tank on a Mission!

Color Tanks is a cheerful killing spray game. Sounds a little contradicting? Well, your tank bounces around merrily and shoots colorful bubbles in order to destroy it’s enemy…¬† Using the [WASD] keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot, your task is to¬†annihilate all of your enemies with blasts of colorful blobs before they do the same to you. Doing so earns you cash you can spend at any time purchasing everything from temporary flight, to special shots, and extra lives.

It’s the Fast or the Dead…

Color Tanks will make you contend with a variety of terrain problems, like conveyor belts and launching pads, that can either help or hinder you against enemies that fly or use other dirty tricks. The upgrades are not as persistent as one may hope for and are not varied, the lives system also has room for improvement, because it takes the sting out of trying to stay alive. The soundtrack is kind of annoying too but fits with the game perfectly. It may sound like I didn’t like the game that much but the truth is that although it has all these disadvantages, I still spent quite some time on it, enjoying every second. Play it here for free and tell me what you think.

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