Polar: Can’t Choose? Create a Poll – Your Friends will Help

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 by

Polar is a super-fast and easy way to create and vote on great-looking photo polls. Have fun collecting and sharing opinions through this quick voting platform.

With a Little Help from My Friends…

Polar lets you vote on great-looking photo polls about fashion, film, food, and pretty much everything you can imagine, no matter where you are. Why would you torture yourselves with decision making if you can export the hassle to you friends?  Making your own polls is simple and fast thanks to the app’s built-in image search feature. With Polar on your phone, you’re never more than one tap away from entertaining questions you’ll love to answer, sharing your opinions with your friends and collecting theirs.

Create a Poll, Easily!

Polar is a very simple to use app that allows you to quickly create great looking polls, you can use your own photos or search the Web for the perfect image. Once your poll is up you can instantly see your friends new votes and comments on your poll. I can assure you that when you begin voting on polls made by friends it hooks you, shortly the most esoteric issues will be raised for a friendly vote, providing you with tons of laughs and fun. If your friends are boring you can always check the hottest new trends in the ‘what’s popular’ feature. Long story short, Polar is a fun little app that may become your gang’s new things.

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