Binga 3: Our Finga Breaka Game of the Weeka!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

Binga 3 is a free puzzle game only for those who have cunning wits, quick reflexes and lightning fast clicking fingers! So don’t say we didn’t warn ya and come crying ‘Binga Binga Broke my finga’!

Have you exercised your finger today?

If you didn’t be careful because you might suffer an injury while going head to head with Binga 3. Your task is to solve tasks… all kinds of them, whether it’s mini cars pushing tennis balls into a basket, frying harmless chickens, eating specific foods, solving codes, or even just finding funny parts of a picture.

All simple tasks (well that’s not quite true, some of the are damn brain frying…) but you have a time limit on top of everything and this is where your lightning fast finger get into the business.

Simple and Fun!

To play, use your mouse and left click on objects to activate them. the tasks are varied and seemingly random and that ‘s what make Binga 3 so much fun to play!

There’s a logic and a rhythm in every puzzle, each with it’s own, so when you manage to crack a puzzle that made you tear your own hair out there is nothing more satisfying then hearing the reassuring ding ding dong that stats that you are done (at list with one more tiny stage …) So eat up your fish, flex your finger and check this game out.

I just hope you kissed your spare time goodbye…


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