You Are Not So Smart – Misconceptions vs. The Truth

Posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 by

You Are Not So Smart – A winning Weekly Blog on All My Faves, You Are Not So Smart, simply put, is “a blog devoted to self delusion and irrational thinking.” Each post is made up of an an introductory Misconception, a common wisdom fact that isn’t factual at all, then followed by the truth (based on empirical studies and scholarly publications). Creator David McRaney, a professional journalist, proves he is indeed in the right profession; the posts in his blog are beautifully written. Without even noticing it, I spent a long session of insightful reads here. I relished in every single one I’ve read and I appreciated the diversity of the topics covered in the blog. One interesting post I thought you should read as well is Opposites. Enjoy.

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