Internet Archive: Wayback Machine – The Web Then and Now

Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine – I wonder what the Web looked like 5 years ago. Can you even remember? If you try to by memory, prepare yourself for futility; technological advancements of the Internet happened and still occur today so fast and seamlessly, the entire Web feels like an organic creature that is growing before our very eyes.

Thankfully we have the Wayback Machine, an archive project by, which lets you see what web pages looked like, beginning from 1996 and up until a few months ago. Although the most interesting websites are conveniently blocked (try looking up Facebook or Twitter for example), or only partially represented in the archive, here are two fun examples: December 2006:, Feb 2003:

Looks funny, doesn’t it? Let the fun linger on with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Give it a try yourself and look for the old pages of your favorite website. Simply type in the url in the search box and hit the “Take Me Back” button. Let the magic begin…

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