Google re-imagines America’s most iconic ad campaigns for the Web

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

Google’s latest venture is quite the marvel. Project Re: Brief is an innovative – and actually pretty romantic – attempt to give a rebirth to some of the most iconic advertising campaigns that shaped brands for a generation.

Would you like to give the World a Coke?

Times have certainly changed since Coca Cola released its seminal ‘Hilltop’ ad, where a multicultural group of young hopefuls sang about how they’d “like to give the World a Coke”. And as Google sees it, the advent of multi-dimensional platforms, from the web, through the smartphone, to the tablet, means there’s so many more interactive ways a great ad campaign of the past can be spread across the globe once again.

An introduction to the project:

It’s attempt to do this, not only with the Coke campaign, but with Alka Selzer, Avis and Volvo too, comes to life in a buzzing, interactive website that showcases the four original ad campaigns selected, the new campaigns led by the originals’  artistic directors, videos charting the project, and a few words on the tech behind them. The videos above and below are probably the project’s best bits, so watch them before clicking here to explore and get inspired by one of our most intriguing weekly faves so far in 2012, Project Re:Brief.

Coke Re-imagined: The project’s most inspiring video

What do you think? Did Google’s re-imagination do the originals justice?
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