WhoSay: The Ultimate Celebrity Social Media Hub You’ve Never Heard Of!

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 by

From footballers to film makers…

How do you follow your favorite celebrities? The paparazzi rags – stuffed to the brim with naughty candid shots of Britney Spears eating pork rinds in her front room – are more about spying on stars than connecting with them. We all know about the power of celebs on Twitter. But your never-ending news feeds swallow up individual stories and lessen the impact of sharing. One website  is making it easier than ever to get closer to real stars’ real lives… it’s called WhoSay, and you’re about to discover it!

…A social network just for the stars… with genuine A-listers too

WhoSay is a massive hub of social media homepages, built and developed personally by stars. And we’re talking A-List big leagues here. The benefit for fans is that it aggregates all a celebrity’s updates on any social network they use, on their personal page. And then we ordinary, but lucky, lucky Joes get to subscribe to them and leave them comments without having to kill ourselves praying for a retweet. From James Franco to Eva Longoria to Cristiano Ronaldo, they’re categorized into Film/TV, Music, Sport, Comedy, Authors, Arts/Culture and Fashion. So you know exactly where to go for different famous peoples’ personal updates. A potentially more interesting alternative to Twitter: a truly connected social media showcase for you to dive into.

But why are celebs flocking to WhoSay?

The stars are being lured away from currently popular ways of sharing their everyday lives (with Twitter photo clients like TwitPic and Lockerz for example) because WhoSay lets them own the copyrights to the content they post, whereas other social sharing services don’t (!). That’s important for image-conscious public personalities because it means they have full ownership rights over the content they choose to share with the world: they and they alone decide exactly where, how and when it’s shared. And it’s because of the quality of stars flocking there that WhoSay is becoming an essential way to get the behind-the-scenes, up-close-and-personal with stars from all walks of life.

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