Dreamdoze – Get Real Dream Interpretations!

Posted on Monday, January 9th, 2012 by

Dreamdoze – Tea with kangaroos; Car chases with Tom Cruise; Dreams, however bizarre they may appear, are what define our current psychological state. But have you ever wondered what they really mean? Dreamdoze knows the answer. Well, not actually Dreamdoze itself, but more its army of Mystic Meg-like users that share their interpretations of your dreams online.

Your very own Dream-Dictionary, it’s a huge, yet user-friendly archive of dreams and their interpretations, ranging from the common to the completely bizarre. And reading its users’ professional opinions on your subconscious, really can help to understand what’s going on in your mind. Click here or on the pic to have a go.

Click on the Dream Interpreter above to find out what your dreams mean!

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