– Sweet Task Manager, But Google Does it Better

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 by – Sounds like a task manager, doesn’t it? Well, you got it. is a free projects, tasks and other to do’s organization tool that endeavors to facilitate and manage your busy life. According to the website, is “a super easy Task Management tool. Allows you to quickly create tasks, and organize them into projects. Set Due Date, and Priority for the different tasks to focus on what you really need to do.”

Although the free service offers is, in terms of life practicality and simplification, a great one, I can’t really see myself abandoning my Google account wonders -including Gmail, calendar, docs, tasks and reminders- and using exclusively. Then again, I realize not everyone is so heavily dependent on Google’s tools for the day-to-day projects and routine as I am. These very same users will undoubtedly appreciate and enjoy’s excellent service. Here’s my frontpage after I had listed my weekly projects.

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