Baby Name Wizard – Destressing Those Who Are Expecting

Posted on Monday, October 25th, 2010 by

Baby Name Wizard – When a new baby is on the way, naming him or her can be a daunting task; you want the name to have a deeper meaning, to make an impression, to reflect a noticeable quality or family tradition. If you are seeking for a little bit of creativity and inspiration than merely relying on the names of deceased relatives, Baby Name Wizard is here.

The Baby Name Wizard offers a comprehensive source for everything related to baby naming. You can simply search for names alphabetically, but I suggest digging deeper into the site; explore the NameVoyager, a colossal graphed database of the history and popularity of thousands of names (see screen shot below); check out the Namipedia, a name encyclopedia, and my favorite; the NameMapper, showing names’ popularity by state and year. Look at the lower screen shot for an example, using my favorite name for girls, Mia.

The Baby Name Wizard truly is a great resource to consult if you’re expecting a child. It sure makes things much easier and gives you one less thing to stress about.

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