AllMyFaves Enters the Classroom

Posted on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 by

For those of you who haven’t fully explored it yet, AllMyFaves offers a whole page dedicated to a most important subject: Education. Suitable for curious souls, students of all ages, teachers and homeschooling parents, the Education page aims to provide a comprehensive resource for practically every field related to learning, teaching and research, both in and outside the classroom.

Thus far we’ve been getting great feedback on the Education page, and we’re delighted students and teachers across the country are making use of the top resources this page has to offer. Take Writings on the Wall, an edu blog of an English teacher (Mrs. Brill) for example. Mrs. Brill introduced the AMF Eduction page to her students as a “favorite homework helper.” Speaking of teachers, AllMyFaves also has a Teachers Mini Faves page available, listing the very top teacher resources the Web has to offer. These include a myriad of tools from classroom technology aids and educational videos to lesson plans, educational blogs and visualization tools for the classroom.

Whether you are a teacher, a pupil or an academic student, the Education page has something for everyone. A world of knowledge awaits you!

This is a picture of the Teachers Mini Faves. Would you like to create your own Mini Faves page? It’s free! Join All My Faves and start customizing your own visual page.

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