Lot18 – Access to the Finest Wines at Attractive Prices

Posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 by

Lot18 provides access to high-quality, hard-to-find boutique wines at attractive prices. Leave it to the experts to curate a perfect wine collection for you!

What is Lot18?

The Lot18 team live by a simple rule: If they wouldn’t spend their own money on a product, they will not make it available on Lot18. Its team of experts works closely with quality-driven winemakers around the world and their curators select only products that are unique in their own right, and that represent the highest quality and value. Then they do their best to match the site’s members with the wines they’ll most probably love and enjoy.

You will not find these wines at 7-Eleven…

Lot18 offers high-quality wines that you can not find anywhere, but even if you do find them it will probably cost you more elsewhere… Each product is offered for a limited time, or until our members have purchased all available quantity, and they try to feature new products on the site each day.

For those among you without much knowledge of wine, we think Lot18 could be especially useful: Let’s say you want to buy a bottle of wine and are willing to pay up to $25 for it… will you know which wine is good? Go to Lot18 and let their experts make the decision for you.

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