Lost Photos: Searches your Email Account for Photos you thought were Lost

Posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 by

Lost Photos is a Mac and Windows desktop app that discovers photos you have considered long lost deep in your email account.

Simple Genius!

Lost Photos is a simple but genius app, it searches your email for all the photos you’ve sent or received (but haven’t deleted). In this social day ‘n’ age, your kids would probably ask why would you need to email photos at all, but then hey, we still remember a long lost time, six years ago (!), when you still had to scan photos into your computer (never mind digital cameras!) and email them. This is an app for that bygone era!

Your lost photos are no longer lost…

I never realized how many Lost Photos were trapped in my Gmail limbo… When i first tried out this app for you guys, I have to admit I was kind of skeptical, but once the results started to pour, I was utterly and totally amazed!

The photos that came up were so old and nostalgic; my firstborn’s birth, me traveling in Australia, pics from my trip to Turkey with my new girlfriend (now my wife) etc. After all, photos we have in email are often some of the best ones – that’s why you emailed them or someone sent them to you over email in the first place.

Go on and try it, you have no idea what this necromancy might bring up!

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