Food on the Table – Stress-free Meals for Busy Families

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 by

Food on the Table – Unique in every possible way, this practical site’s concept “was born out of a need to get organized with menu planning, to create easy prep meals that everyone enjoyed and to save time and money at the grocery store.”

So, how does Food on the Table work, exactly? After you sign up (the basic plan is free, upgraded plans are available), submit your zip code and locate the various supermarkets in your area, and choose your top three. Next, set your taste preferences and food categories you are interested in. Then, click on Meal Plan and see which items are on sale based on your supermarket and food items settings. All you need to do next is buy the items and cook up a meal that’s within your budget and suited to your taste buds and nutrition plan.

Food on the Table is a great service, and it truly is a bliss for all the busy multi-child families out there where parents come back home from work to job no. 2 (family time). Thanks to Food on the Table, creating a healthy meal that’s on budget, on time and good is easy and quick.

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