Rally Rd.: Invest In Collector Automobiles

Posted on Monday, February 5th, 2018 by

Rally Rd. lets anyone invest in collector automobiles.

Own (A Piece Of) Collector Cars

Automobiles are an interesting investment. If you buy a new car, it essentially begins decreasing in value the moment you take it on the road. If you own a really old luxury car, however, it could hold immense value even if it’s unable to be driven at all. For years, automobile collecting has been a rich person’s game. Just look at shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee or Jay Leno’s Garage, or Curren$y’s Instagram. Collector cars are expensive. Now, however, with the help of an app called Rally Rd., anyone can own a piece of classic collector vehicles.

Better Than Gold

Rally Rd. works by converting blue-chip collector cars into stocks that anyone can buy. That means that people can pay as little as $40 to own a piece of an automobile. If the car increases in price, the investors benefit. According to Rally Rd., blue-chip collector cars have “outperformed gold, the S&P500, and New York City Real Estate since 2012.” While owning stock in a collector vehicle certainly won’t replicate the experience of owning your own car and being able to drive it around or sell it at your will, but Rally Rd. does offer a nice opportunity to make an interesting investment that could hopefully benefit you in the long run.

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