Climate Central – Macro, Micro Climate Change and Everything In-between

Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 by

Climate Central – This godsend independent nonprofit organization offers the public with all the content, reports and statistics you could possibly imagine on climate change, global warming and energy. Climate Central, acting as a central authoritative source for climate change information, is beautifully designed and truly offers a comprehensive look at the causes, consequences and by products of climate change.

Aside from breaking news, huge library and climopedia, Climate Central also offers a remarkable gallery section that takes the entire topic and understanding of climate change to a whole new level. The gallery offers amazing tools such as graphics, maps, microanimations and collections. See the More CO2, More Poison Ivy graphic below for the tip of Climate Central’s information iceberg.

In short, Climate Central is a most valuable resource to educators, scientists and professionals of the field, or simply curious laypersons such as you and me.

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