One Life – Get Ready for BBC Earth’s Best Film Ever

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2011 by

One Life – Aside from being one the world’s leading news providers, BBC is also well known for its natural world and wildlife series and films. One Life is yet another beautifully shot film about planet Earth and its rich diversity of organisms and ecosystems. Brought to us by BBC Earth, the One Life website is the brilliant introductory venue for the soon-to-be-out film.

The breathtaking trailer you will find here is not the usual play and watch video. While watching, you can use your mouse to pause the video and transition to the behind the scenes section (showing videos of the film’s production crew, each telling their inside story about making the film and the animals shown in it). When you’re done, simply drag your mouse upwards and the trailer will play where it left off. This is a mesmerizing experience, and I’m anxious to see the One Life film once it’s out. BBC Earth always delivers top-notch, mind-blowing films with rare shots and unbelievable close ups.

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