Let’s Baby Dance – Evian Can Make You Baby-Young

Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2011 by

Evian’s Let’s Baby Dance – If you haven’t seen it yet, the French mineral water company Evian has been leading a huge global campaign these past couple of years with babies as the brand’s leading stars (remember the roller-skating babies video that instantly went viral?). These past few weeks billboards and roadside posters in major cities worldwide have been decorated with images of pretty people wearing a T-shirt with a baby’s body so it looks like the model has a baby figure from the neck down . To make this campaign a true cross-platform project, the “Baby Inside” advertising concept has become viral online as well with Evian’s Let’s Baby Dance website.

Evian’s interactive and totally fun Let’s Baby Dance site invites you to take part in the global movement of working it baby style by using your computer camera. Before you begin, hit play on the homepage to see what previous users have done, and then click the “Take Part” button under the main image. You will be asked to pick your baby of choice and turn on your webcam. The ad’s signature track, a cool new version of Tom Tom Club’s Wordy Rappinghood by Uffie (remixed by DJ Mehdi), can be downloaded via iTunes Store.

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