Going – Find Cool Things to Do in NYC and Other Cities

Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011 by

Going – Find cool things to do, see and discover in your city with Going, a one-stop place for cool attractions suiting your going out cup of tea (or beer). Although the beta version of Going starts off with NYC as the default location, there are 30 US cities to choose from.

The great part about Going is that you can search for fun things to do by checking activities and events’ popularity (what people like the most) so you don’t have to start wondering if a certain event is as promising as it seems or if it’s a flop. In addition, the Going platform allows you to meet new people seeking the same activities you are looking for, hence putting together people with the same areas of interest.

Other Going perks include popular places, Going deals (for members only), top searches, browsing by categories (nightlife, music, culture and more), and there’s even a mobile app that comes in handy when you’re out in the street looking for something fun to do. Going will show you what it really means to make the most out of what your city has to offer!

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