Earbits – Listen to Music, Discover New Artists and Share Your Faves

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2011 by

Earbits – This super cool website offers an innovative way to consume music freely online, and discover new artists along the way. What starts out as a simple-looking page with 13 music genres to choose from (there’s also a ‘shuffle all’ option) soon turns into a most rewarding experience that not only looks amazing, but also provides high quality music sounds.

To give you the perfect example of what Earbits is about, see the image below, the listening page for Blues. The most eye-grabbing part here is the image of the artist himself (in this case Boo Boo Davis). The name of the artist will show on the bottom left side of the page, and clicking “view more” will pull you down to an informative bio and discography section of the artist you’re listening to.

In addition, Earbits have worked hard to make sure the social aspect of this service is as best as it can be; you can give each song a thumbs up or down, and when connected to the site via Facebook you can share whole songs with your friends, even tweet the track you’re listening to! Now that’s socially rewarding.

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