Doggelganger – Matching Dogs with Potential Adopters, Based on Facial Features

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2011 by

Doggelganger – The Pedigree Adoption Drive in New Zealand came up with a genius project to encourage and increase dog adoptions in the Kiwi country. Together with NEC Technology, Pedigree’s Doggelganger offers a “human to canine pairing software.” What does that mean, exactly? It’s quite simple, really. All you have to do is upload a clear photo of your face (you can also take one with your webcam), make sure the Doggelganger’s face model matches your facial features and hit Begin.

Now the fun begins. The software will match your facial features with those of dogs available for adoption in New Zealand’s SPCA centers. Once a match is found, you’ll see the adorable dog’s face right next to yours. When you think about it, this creates an immediate emotional bond and an instant increase of both the dog’s exposure and the likelihood of finding these dogs a home. Pedigree should do this for the US crowd as well. Most definitely!

What do you think? They really do resemble one another, don’t they?

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