Audioboo – Audio Tweets with Added Perks

Posted on Monday, December 27th, 2010 by

Audioboo – This UK based company offers a terrific service allowing users to “record audio while on the move and add as much useful data to it as possible, such as photos, tags and location.” Although the Audioboo service’s full fledged benefits are ideal for mobile (currently offering an app for iPhone and Android), a PC interface is also available which allows you to both listen to and upload ‘boos’ as they call it.

What I found particularly interesting is the sharing aspect of Audioboo; you can follow or be followed via RSS subscriptions and iTunes’ podcast option. Sharing and following has become a must in practically every content producing website these days, and Audioboo has made great use of it. I recommend exploring Audioboo’s Channels selection (most are radio stations) as these offer intriguing discussions in various areas of interest. My current favorite ‘boo’ is the BBC London Channel. To learn more about Audioboo see the introduction video below.

Intro to Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

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