Udemy: Teaching & Taking Online Courses Just Got Easier…

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

Udemy – We’ve been very enthusiastic about some of the great video-based education sites popping up around the web recently. Grovo – the site that creates groovy video tutorials to some of the net’s most popular services – of course won our coveted Best Education Site of 2011. And Udemy is fast becoming a contender for the 2012 crown! It’s a vast social platform allowing users to take online courses on pretty much any subject; and for those of you who feel like you have something useful to share, you can create your own video course and host it on Udemy.

Udemy claims to do for online educational classes what blogging did to journalism: disrupt it, democratize it. Or in plain English: make it an easy one-stop-shop website where you can teach or learn anything you want! So if you have something you’ve been wanting to learn, but didn’t want to spend the time or money on finding a course near you. Or if you think you’ve got a skill that other people could learn from, but don’t have the time or audience to run a local class… watch the preview below, and then Click here to discover how Udemy could work for you.

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