Kareer.me – Boost your Job Search: Online Video Resumes

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

The job market’s tougher than ever; and more than ever, we need something to help us stand out. Kareer.me offers a compelling alternative to the traditional resume, which offers only words on a page to catch a recruiter’s attention. It also offers a compelling alternative to visual resumes that we’ve featured recently like Re.Vu, which offers an all-singing, all-dancing visual CV to throw into the big wide world of job hunting. And here’s why:

Kareer.me is a mixture between tradition and the future; taking the text you’d normally write on your cv, and setting it out in clearly structured, well organized and fairly attractive boxes; and then adding a modern touch with a video pitch for example. And it’s free to create one. Seeing as most applications for jobs are now done over the internet, this type of interactive resume seems like a natural progression that should help you get your personality across in a more noticeable way, while remaining professional.Here’s an example resume, created by Kareer.me’s CEO; and below you can watch a helpful tips video they’ve created to learn more details about how the service works in practice. Click here to try it out for yourself!

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