Jam: Online Courses for Kids

Posted on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by

Jam offers online courses for kids.

Classes for Kids of All Ages

Jam claims to have “hacked learning.” That’s a bold statement, but it does come somewhat close to what Jam has achieved. The company offers online courses for kids, aiming to teach young people skills that they most likely are not learning in school. There are courses for both “younger kids” and “older kids,” and some of the courses for older kids seem fun for, well, much older kids. There are classes like “Host a Minecraft Video Show” and “Animate Your Drawings,” as well as “Cook For Yourself” and “Build Anything with Lego.”

Unlock Your Kids’ Creativity

Jam gives parents full control of their children’s accounts, letting them set everything up and dictate access to certain courses. There’s also a free trial period so parents and children can test out the courses before committing to them. If parents do pay and students finish courses, they’re also awarded certificates. Jam also has an iPhone app, so they can complete their courses from a mobile device. There’s a ton of great content on Jam, and hopefully the company will be better preparing children for future careers or hobbies. Most schools don’t teach kids how to host a Minecraft show, even if that is a genuine career path these days. If you want to get the most out of your kids’ creativity and passion, consider checking out Jam.

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