Expedition Titanic – More Info Below the Surface

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 by

Expedition Titanic – The world’s most famous sunken ship is known to most of us, and I think it’s safe to say 95% of all women in the Western world (including me) have seen the Hollywood movie Titanic. The tragic story of this grand ship thought to be unsinkable, has reemerged in 1985 when the wreck was discovered by a joint American-French expedition, led by Jean-Louis Michel (Ifremer) and Dr. Robert Ballard (WHOI).

Expedition Titanic is brought to us by Christopher J. Davino, President of RMS Titanic Inc. Having some of the world’s leading experts and scientists on the team and using the forefront of technology, Davino and his team wish to “create a portrait of the Ship unlike any that has been created before…” Navigate through the depths of the Titanic’s wreck site, explore the ship’s parts, the wreck’s environment, and learn more of the Titanic’s grandness prior to its fatal end. Expedition Titianic is a masterful commemoration and educational site, remembering and celebrating the Ship that will be forever cherished.

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