Unbound – Leveling the Book Publishing Field for Both Authors and Readers

Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011 by

Unbound – Best selling books you see or hear about in the news are quite often the result of people and companies in high places pulling strings and taking away the true freedom from authors wishing to write about what and how they desire. This also means that as readers, great books and stories never see the light of day while we are missing out on great stories.

Unbound is here to make the lives of authors and readers easier by putting back the power into the right hands. As an author you can share your book pitch, and include a short video explaining what your book is or will be about. Registered Unbound users can then promote authors’ pitches and books by selecting a support level of their choosing. The higher the support, the higher the reward (lowest reward level translates into having your name included in the author’s e-book, highest support level can even mean having lunch with the author).

Although Unbound currently serves the UK market only, it’s a revolutionary concept that truly can level the publishing playing field. See the project of Terry Jones’ book, Evil Machines as an example.

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