CollabCubed: An Art & Design Blog that runs in the Family…

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CollabCubed  is all about passion for all things design, art, fashion, and pop-culture related. The blog is made and curated by Debbie and her two daughters, Daniela and Emma, who share their passion with us.

Out of the Box!

CollabCubed is a beautiful blog that actually functions as a pin board for the Glasserman family. It’s a mother and daughters blog, all three are art and design enthusiasts. Mother Debbie is a graphic designer, Daniela an industrial design student, and Emma is double majoring in Biology & Art History. “We aim to show out-of-the-box thinking in all forms of art, design, and architecture, featuring artists and designers with little internet exposure.” Says Debbi, ” We try to post things that you probably haven’t seen before. Mostly, we hope to inspire originality and clever thinking, and provoke some sort of reaction from a smile to a “wow!

It’s a Mother/Daughters Thing…

CollabCubed is the Glasserman girls way to stay connected while reality throws them to different cities, it is where they share their links and finds and by that, they each put a little bit of themselves on it. “We get very excited and inspired by unique and creative work and we share our finds with each other, and now with anyone who’s interested in following!” says Debbie and you can really tell they are sharing their communication with us. This is what makes this blog so unique, through these beautiful posts you can really feel that the Glasserman’s has taken you in and included you in their family thing; their passion for art and design.

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