Fotopedia – The First Collaborative Photo Encyclopedia

Fotopedia is breathing new life into photos by building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web.

Fotopedia currently offers nine different free apps, click the image below to view them all. The latest one is called Wild Friends and offers absolutely fantastic photos of wild animals. Anyone looking to view amazing photos on their iPhone/iPad should defiantly check Photopedia. Wonderful.

Tastefully Offensive – Premium Funny

Tastefully Offensive – Ready to laugh. Tastefully Offensive  is a humor website featuring funny pictures, videos and webcomics.

@twitterstories – The Stories Behind the Tweets

@twitterstories – Individual tweets can have a huge impact, see the video below as an example. Share your story by mentioning @twitterstories or by using the hashtag #twitterstories. Include a photo or video that helps illustrate your story.

Obsessed with Sound – Hear Every Detail

Obsessed with Sound – Phillips present Obsessed with Sound. 1 Grammy Award-winning orchestra, 51 musicians, 10,197 music notes. Hear every detail.

Binga Binga Broke Your Finga

Binga – Binga is a variety puzzle game that might drive you a little nuts. Use you wits and mouse skills to pass each level and make it on the leader-board. Careful though! Too much Binga could hurt your finga!

Howdy – iPhone App of the Week: Free Photographic & Video Greeting Cards

Howdy! – We have a lot of ways to send personalized cards to friends and family over the internet. But on the iPhone? Well the choice was pretty sparse until Howdy came along rather conveniently. It’s a free app, that allows you to snap a photo or short video, add it to one of their cutesy templates, and then send it as a greeting card to someone you love. We think Howdy works very nicely, and the interface is simple, clean, yet fun. Check out the cool site Howdy’s creators have made before downloading. Just click on the pic to get there. – Rediscover Video – is the most amazing way to discover and enjoy web video. Shelby takes all the video your friends share across Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and pulls it into one personally curated channel of video just for you.

Paperless Post – Online Invitations with Style

Paperless Post – Remember the days when everyone communicated using paper and ink? Correspondence was a craft: personal, and intentional.

Paperless Post seeks to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.

A Halloween Party invitation made earlier on!

Graphicly – The Art of Comics

Graphicly – A place for people that love the art and story telling that lives within the pages of a comic book or graphic novel.

Graphicly is a cutting-edge digital content delivery system and community platform for the publishing world.’s first product focuses on comic publishers, creators and enthusiasts, and provides an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated merchandise.

Ready For Zero – Get Out of Debt Faster

Ready For Zero – We all know how difficult times have been recently, and I’m sure I’m not the only one among us worried about debt, and wants an easier way of managing and reducing it. That is where ReadyForZero steps in…  ReadyForZero is a gimmick-free, online financial program that helps you manage and reduce debt. It gives you payment recommendations, tracks your progress, and finds options, all automatically. Try it out!

The Daily Meal – All About Food

The Daily Meal – The Daily Meal covers every aspect of the food and drink experience: restaurants, chefs, food trends, cookbooks, wine and spirits, healthy dining, home entertaining, food-oriented travel — and of course cooking.

This is one of The Daily Meal’s recent meal-related videos: a guide to potluck etiquette! I love it!

Moviepilot – Discover Upcoming Movies First

Moviepilot – Get wise to the hottest upcoming movies and TV shows. Don’t miss a scrap of news about your subscribed movies. Connect with others and shape the future of your movies.