Playfic – An Interactive Fiction Game

Playfic is a platform for writing and playing interactive fiction. Interactive fiction (aka “text adventures”) is a genre of game that uses no graphics or sound, but instead, uses text to tell a story in an interactive world.

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Baseball Smash – Smash It!

Baseball Smash – Grab the bat and swing away as you try to hit different objects such as hotdog carts , people, windows and more.

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Clear – iPhone App of the Week: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Apple’s first brochure proclaimed “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I am quite sure that if Steve Jobs was still alive he would have downloaded Clear to his personal iPhone. Clear is a time management App, designed to help you manage your life without adding clutter.

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MentorMob: Revolutionizing e-Learning with Interactive Learning Playlists

MentorMob – Information is more accessible today than ever before, but even with the world at our fingertips and 24/7 access to experts everywhere, we find ourselves stuck behind a virtual brick wall; We know there is great, free content out there that we could use to learn just about anything, but we also know that for every great article or video on the Internet there are 100,000 terrible ones to beat it to the top of the search engine results.

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The Top Forty Hottest Songs. Chosen by You!

The concept here is simple: listens to what everyone tweets and creates a top 40 playlist. Every day. It also lists the All Time Favorite, and surprise surprise, it’s Adele – Someone Like You.

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Wantful – Find the Perfect Gift

Gift giving is hard. Far harder than it needs to be. Maybe you’re a great gift giver but never have the time to get it right. Or maybe you have every intention of finding a perfect gift, but come up short on ideas.

In short: Wantful is here to help. Help you discover exceptional products perfectly suited to the person you’re buying for. Help you get that gift delivered on time, and presented with style. And help you follow through on that promise you made to yourself that this time, with this gift, you’ll really get it right.

Bookflavor – What Other People are Reading

Bookflavor is a web application for readers or book lovers who want a clean and simple way to discover books and see what other people thought of them. Give it a try, just enter something in the search box, or click “popular books” to see what other people are reading.

Tripomatic – Simplifying Travel Planning!

Tripomatic makes travel planning easy and fun! Never miss must-see attractions or sights on your trips again. Discover everything your destination has to offer and slot your favorites into your very own travel itinerary. Free, Easy and Fun!

To see a live example of how it works lets assume you will be traveling to London or maybe Paris. Click on the image below and see what Tripomatic recommends you must see.

YouTube Rewind – The Best Videos of 2011!

YouTube Rewind 2011 – Each year YouTube rewinds the year and compiles a list of the videos that caught our attention. Videos are chosen by calculating global view counts of popular videos uploaded throughout the year, and, in some instances, they aggregated views across multiple versions of the same video.

Below is my favorite video for 2011. Click here and find yours ..

The BIG Map Blog – Enormous Historical Maps

Thousands of old, beautiful maps are sadly being kept from the public that deserves them — sometimes by clumsy or unwieldy government ftp sites, and other times by archives with steep fees for research, and steeper fees for reproduction. Not anymore the BIG Map Blog offers Enormous historical maps with free full access.

Start exploring these amazing maps by checking the Chevalier map of San Francisco (1912) and the Map of the coast of Rio de Janeiro (1780).

A Collection of Cute Junk!

Attack of the cute is a collection of cute junk that Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson find online throughout their work day. Instead of keeping all this cuteness to themselves they created Attack of the cute as a way to share what they find with the world. By the way if you were wondering what cute junk means check the pictures below for a glimpse of the cuteness you are about to reveal…

Frozen Candy

Frozen Candy – Release the frozen candy in this Christmas themed bubble shooter. Aim and launch your candy cannon, connect three or more candies of the same color to knock them down.