– Interest Network – is building the world’s richest interest network. A place to learn and share with others who have the same interests. Where one day, your every interest, no matter how big or small, serious or silly, will have its own vibrant community of people who are just as passionate about it as you are. – Questions, Answers, and Friends – is a place to explore friendships and discover people beyond the boundary of your social network. The best way to discover and meet new people, of course, is to talk to them, and there’s really no better conversation starter than a question.

Oobafit – Free Online Fitness Programs

Oobafit – Oobafit wants to make it easier for everyone in the world to get a little bit healthier. Whether you are young or old, a marathon runner or a couch potato, pregnant or a snowboarder Oobafit can help you out. Getting and staying healthy is about getting the right exercise, eating well, setting realistic goals, staying motivated and having fun.

Wantworthy – Your Ultimate Fashion Wish List

Wantworthy – Find something you want while you’re shopping online but not ready to whip out the plastic? We feel your pain. Keep it safe on your new Wantworthy list. Add to your list from any site as you shop online. Come back later to see all of the items you’ve saved, organize them into groups, get feedback from friends and more.

You Are What You Read

You Are What You Read – You Are What You Read is a social networking site around books that celebrates the “great reads of our lives.” A part of Scholastic’s global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life, it is a global community for discussing the books that have influenced our lives.

Classroom as Microcosm: Teachers are People Too… According to this Blog!

Classroom as Microcosm – “Siobhan Curious is an educator and blogger who teaches college English and writes about it in Montreal, Quebec.
Classroom as Microcosm features links, thoughts, essays and musings on the teaching life, in all its personal, professional and philosophical complexities.”

Continue Reading → – Bedtime Calculator – is a bedtime calculator that can help you calculate when to fall asleep. By counting backwards in sleep cycles, has the ability to help you wake up refreshed, instead of feeling groggy. can also help you figure out what time to set your alarm if you are going to sleep at that moment.

Canvas Rider – Get on Your Bike and Ride

Canvas Rider – Get on your bike and ride thousands of tracks drawn by other players! Canvas Rider is an addictive game written only in JavaScript & HTML5, using the most of the new canvas element.

Take This Lollipop – I Dare You

Take This Lollipop – Take This Lollipop is an Interactive Live Action Facebook Connect experience.

Youda Fisherman

Youda Fisherman – You goal is to build and maintain your own harbor. Build and command ships, gather resources and use inventions of scientists to gain power and fortune.

Showyou – Watch videos from your friends

Showyou – Watch videos from your friends on Facebook, and people you follow on Twitter, Vodpod and other social networks.

There is also a built in social network so you can connect with friends and interesting video curators.

Make friends on Showyou so you can share — and talk about — more of the videos you love.

Jux – Showcase Your Content

Jux – Jux is the ultimate place to share your photos, videos, words and more. It’s like blogging in HD. 100% delicious content. Zero crap.