Turntable.fm – Music is Better Together

Turntable.fm – Music is better with friends.
Listening to music has always been one of those experiences that’s better together, whether at a concert or hanging out with friends. But the digital music revolution so far has been defined by a solitary experience. Turntable.fm is bringing the social value of music to the the digital music experience by letting people experience and discover music together, live, online.

Lemon – Receipts Refreshed

Lemon – Lemon is the best way to keep track of your receipts and squeeze out all the useful information. All you have to do is snap a photo of your receipt and our technology extracts information that is searchable, taggable and securely accessible.

Nerdy Day Trips

Nerdy Day Trips -from Sea Forts to abandoned nuclear bunkers, dead victorian racecourses, roads that are falling into the ground, narrow gauge railways that take you to a power station.

Slavery Footprint – How many slaves work for you?

Slavery Footprint – How many slaves work for you? There are 27 million slaves in the world today. Many of them contribute to the supply chains that end up in the products we use every day. Find out how many slaves work for you, and take action.

WIWT – Outfit Sharing Community

WIWT – WIWT allows you to share photos of your outfits and discover new styles and brands. You can share what you’re wearing, where it’s from, where you’re wearing it and how you feel.

Pawcurious – Eat. Play. Love

Pawcurious – Pawcurious is the homepage of veterinarian and animal aficionado Dr. Jessica Vogelsang.

Happy Place – Funny Vids, Pics, Tweets, and more

HappyPlace.com – is from the creators of someecards.com and is dedicated to a wide range of short-form funny content. If you can barely get through reading a paragraph, this is the site for you.

The Black Diamond – The Story of a Cursed Diamond

The Black Diamond – The Black Diamond is a seven-part interactive story set in real locations across London and centering around a cursed diamond.

Aurora 2 – Walk in the Footsteps of Aurora

Aurora 2 – Follow the story of aurora and misery she creates all around. Find yourself walking in her footsteps. Or maybe it’s her following you?

LipMe – Your Voice Every Face

LipMe – Record and Share awesome and fun impersonations with LipMe! Lip yourself, Lip your mom, Lip your friends, Lip the president! Lip somebody today!!! Share your videos via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or by Email.

Glitch – Inside the Minds of Giants

Glitch – Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants. You choose how to grow and shape the world: building and developing, learning new skills, collaborating or competing with everyone else in one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world.

Daily Challenge – Improved well-being. Delivered daily.

Daily Challenge – Daily Challenge is a social well-being program that gives you the opportunity to positively impact your life every day and advance your personal well-being by doing simple daily challenges and sharing the experience with family and friends – all while you earn points, collect stamps, and reach new levels.