Wallpaper Art – A Fantastic Wallpaper Library

Posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 by

Wallpaper Art – Holding true to their promise, Wallpaper Art is not just another wallpaper library. You will find here truly exquisite wallpapers from all over the Web, and no doubt you will be changing your desktop background by the time you’re done exploring this site. To make the most out of Wallpaper Art, be sure to explore all the various features. These include contests (including submissions and winners of various contests), wallpapers (duh), inspiration, interviews with uber-creative artists and suggested links (in the field of graphic design, web design and others). In short, I’m happy Wallpaper Art scored the Weekly Fave spot – they’ve earned it! See a couple of fabulous wallpaper designs below. The first is by Adidas, the other by Martijn van Dam.

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