Snail Mail My Email – Tech Regression for a Good Cause

Posted on Monday, August 1st, 2011 by

Snail Mail My Email – This unusual free service invites you to write up an email message to whomever you wish, and Snail Mail My Email will hand-write your message on an actual paper letter and send in via post office like in the good old days.

When you think about it, there’s something magical about old-school letters. These can also have greater persuasion power in say, politics, romance or family event contexts than a lifeless email message may hold. But Snail Mail My Email’s goal is different. This project seeks to practice the way people used to interact with each other in the past, using manually written messages. Snail Mail My Email will reverse technology for you, providing your message does not exceed 100 characters. Be sure to provide the recipient’s post mail address, and you can even pick one custom option to be added to your letter (a doodle, a flower petal, spray of perfume or lipstick kiss) and email your message to

The Snail Mail My Email is a temporary, interactive community art project (from July 15 to August 15) made up of 134 volunteers worldwide, all cherishing the “lost art of letter writing.”

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