Flixel – iPhone App of the Week: Want to Take Moving Photos?

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 by

Who ever said moving pictures were just the stuff of movies like Harry Potter!? Not the folks at Flixel, whose clever iPhone app actually makes your photos “come to life”…

Are cinemagraphs the photo of the future?

We only choose the best, most interesting apps for you to try each week at All My Faves, and that’s why we selected Flixel for you. It’s an iPhone app that you can use to take photos on your iPhone, with the added twist that certain parts of them will move seamlessly in the still image, in an infinite looping motion. It’s called a cinemagraph, and it’s all about telling the whole story with your photos.

There’s a number of apps for the iPhone already out there helping you tell more of a story with your photos than just a regular still image. We’ve previously featured Picle – streams of photos with sound captions; Cinemagram – basically the same as Flixel, animated photos; or Spincam – fun, often hilarious, 360 degree animated photos… And there’s so many more. Flixel is simply another fun photo app that should go on your download list.

Timing is everything…

Released just two weeks after direct competitor Cinemagram, Flixel is almost exactly the same tech: you take a photo, choose which object in the photo will be animated, and then watch as that bit actually moves around the rest of the photo, which is left still. Whether it’s waves crashing against the shore or a flickering candlelight in the background of an otherwise still image, the effect can – if done right – actually be mesmerizing!


Bottom Line:

If you want a photo app on your iPhone that offers something different with your photos, and tells a bit more of a story than regular still images, Flixel is a fun choice. It’s slick, easy to use, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll love the results!





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