Fishbrain: Love Fishing More

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2018 by

Fishbrain is a platform to discover 1.7 million fishing locations at home and around the globe.

Find Your Next Catch

Fishbrain is the comprehensive social network and fishing spot map made entirely for anglers. The app features over a million fishing locations around the world on a searchable map, as well as a platform to connect with other fishers and a method of tracking each of your catches. The app, which is available on both iOS and Android, contains all the information you need about your upcoming fishing trips. If you’re traveling to an unknown destination, you can explore the map to view what’s been caught in the area before, or browse the social network to see what other anglers have caught nearby.

Connect With The Fishing Community

Fishbrain also includes a Fishing Forecast section, displaying data regarding the recent catches in the area, as well as the most successful bait used to catch those fish. If you want to keep track of your own data, you can also easily log all of your catches within Fishbrain’s tracker. It’s also easy to communicate with other anglers, upload photos, comment, and share all of your fishing endeavors. Fishbrain’s headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, but the site declares that its members can be found in boats around the world. It’s clear that the Fishbrain company has a passion for fishing, and it’s created an app that provides a benefit to the entire fishing community.

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