111 Best Apps For Every Mood, Every Situation, Every Day

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111 Best Apps - Nothing But The Best Apps!Whether you are looking for the top free apps or for the top apps to make your life easier, this list of 111 best apps is worth your while. We’ve filtered through thousands of iPhone apps and android apps to bring you only the best apps, so explore and enjoy!

Nothing But The Best Apps!

Over 50 billion apps are downloaded every year. Let that sink in for a second. 50 billion apps but no particularly efficient way to sift through the clutter and get to the best ones that are worth your time (and in some cases, your money). Here at AllMyFaves we collect and present the best that the internet has to offer but in entering into the mobile app field, we are ready to change the game. Visit the AMF Apps page to find quick links to all the apps that we’ve chosen for you and see for yourself the amazing products that are out there. The following article, broken up into 11 Top Ten Apps Lists, is all you need to know about the Top 111 Apps that are out there today. Go see what’s happening!

Top Free iPhone Apps & Android Apps

Visit the AMF Apps page to find quick links to all the apps that weve chosen for you and see for yourself the amazing products that are out there.

AMF App: The World's Most Useful AppAMF App: The World’s Most Useful App

The All My Faves App is the best app for getting around to all your favorite websites and apps. It’s an intuitive visual browser that makes finding new amazing websites easy and will even help you remember the ones that you already love. It’s quick, useful and best-of-all it’s free. Join over 4 million users and see for yourself how the internet was intended to be searched.

The Top 10 Ways To Capture The World

Instagram1. Instagram: The World Leader in Picture and Video Social Media

If you haven’t yet heard of Instagram, you should probably start paying more attention. Originally released solely as a picture sharing platform famous for it’s friendly interface, filters and friend connecting abilities, Instagram has recently been acquired by Facebook and added a video sharing option. It seems as though the innovation is only beginning.

Being that Instagram has already changed the world of social media, you’ll want to be part of it.

SnapDash: No Two Pictures are the Same2. SnapDash: No Two Pictures are the Same

You have a swarm of bees in your pants! Hurry up, pose! By giving you imaginative prompts and only a few seconds to get into position, SnapDash promises to end the endless stream of boring pictures filled with peace symbols, duck faces and lineups and replace them with hilarious pictures that you and your friends will love to share.

And, since sharing to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is as simple as clicking a button, there’s nothing stopping you from zooming in and having a blast.

 Selfie 360: Photograph The World as it Really Is3. Selfie360: Get a Full View

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a majestic stadium or an amazing view off of a mountain top, but even holding your camera horizontally couldn’t capture the full magnificence of it all? Well, now you can. Selfie360 converts your smartphone camera into a panoramic supermachine, instantly allowing you to take 3D pictures of yourself and of your surroundings. With multiple settings including “Portrait Selfie”, “Panorama Selfie” and “Full 3D Selfie”, you are almost guaranteed to get the picture that you need.

It’s free and it’s useful so go ahead, give Selfie360 a shot.

Lapse It: Watch a Day in a Minute4. Lapse It: Watch a Day in a Minute

It’s often been recommended to slow down and smell the flowers or to sit back and watch the shining stars. With Lapse It, you can now capture life’s stunning moments and watch and replay them at your leisure. This app speeds up slowly changing events so seeing the rain cascade against your window or the clouds shifting in the sky has never been so accessible.

The world is changing quickly, see for yourself.

Flixel5. Flixel: See Your Photos Come to Life

Flixel is a camera app that takes pictures with a twist…literally. To create a moving picture, simply hold down the record button and keep the camera steady. Flixel then allows you to highlight the section of your video that you want to move while the rest will automatically remain still. The effect is tremendous.

With an endless bounty of possibilities just itching to be captured, all you need is an idea and Flixel to make magic become a reality.

Frontback6. Frontback: You CAN Have it Both Ways

Frontback is an addictive new app that takes selfies to the next level. First, Frontback initiates your rear camera, allowing you to snap that breath-taking scenery or your new pair of shoes. After snapping that, Frontback quickly switches to the front camera so make your best duck face and peace symbol because it’s selfie time. The pictures are then combined together a viola, a complete story is told. Frontback also has intuitive features for uploading these pictures to social-media websites so your friends can be part of the action.

So go ahead, add a caption and a hashtag or two, maybe even tag a friend, and start capturing both sides of the story.

Camera+7. Camera+: The All-In-One Editing Tool

Camera+ is just that, a camera plus a whole lot of amazing features. From standard editing abilities like cropping and caption adding, to more advanced options such as detail sharpening and even the acclaimed Clarity+ feature that makes dull photos brilliant in just one click, Camera+ has everything needed to make even the most novice photographers look like professionals.

Make the move, give Camera+ a shot. Your pictures deserve it.

CamMe8. CamMe: Give Yourself a Helping Hand

We’ve all been there before. You want to take a family picture or a photo of a new outfit, but there is no one to take the picture for you. Using your camera’s timer always results in having to run back and forth trying to get into the right pose in under 10 seconds and adjusting and readjusting the angles. CamMe is here to solve that problem. Raise your hand to star the timer and don’t forget to smile. It’s that simple. Taking full bodied selfies has never been easier.

Get the picture that you want in one try, get CamMe

Litely9. Litely: Photo Editing Done Simply

The Litely app was created with one goal in mind; make your pictures look remarkable. With dozens of beautiful filters (more available using in-app purchases) and a plethora of editing options, this app seems like it can help you do just that. It has an elegant interface and intuitive instructions so using Litely is almost as pleasant as it makes your pictures look.

Sometimes when I use a good app I say to myself, “wow, they really got it right.” Litely really got it right.


10. Seene: See the Whole Picture

Our world is three dimensional but traditional pictures only capture a 2D perspective. Something’s got to change. Well, something has changed. Seene is an award winning app that brings 3D technology right to your phone. When you see a picture that you want to take in 3D, quickly snap it and then follow the cues to move your camera up, down, right and left. Almost magically, a seamless 3D image that you can share to Facebook or Twitter is there in the palm of your hands.

It’s time you start capturing the full picture. Capture it with Seene.

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The Top Ten Ways To Please Your Ears

Stitcher11. Sticher: There’s More To Radio Than Music

Whether on the train, in the gym or just chilling at home, there is plenty of time to learn and listen to the many amazing radio shows that are being broadcasted daily. Sticher makes these news, entertainment, sports, talk radio or even podcasts, available to your phone all day everyday. And, with the option to create custom playlists or hear recommended stations, you’ll never miss the shows that you need to hear.

The radio has so much to offer, go uncover it with Sticher.

Beats Music12. Beats Music: Personalized Music for Personalized Tastes

It’s not a stretch to say that one knows music like musicians do. It is therefore not surprising that when Hip Hop artist Dr. Dre partnered up with Jimmy Lovine, they were able to create the best music streaming service that the internet has to offer. Thanks to a simple innovation called “The Sentence”, Beats Music separates itself from other music streaming services because of the accuracy in which it plays the songs that you are in the mood for.

Discover and listen to the songs that you love

iAlbums13. iAlbums: Music In Its Entirety

Music artists have dreams, hopes and passions that they convey through their music. Sometimes however, these motivations get lost in the song’s catchy tune or clever lyrics. To remedy this, Gilad Woltsovitch created iAlbums; a music player that unveils all the information about a given song or band. When you add a song to your library, iAlbum’s sleek interface allows you to check out the lyrics, band pictures, interviews, videos and much more relevant information to your selection. And the best part is, it’s free.

Start listening to the complete story, start listening with iAlbums.

Earbits14. Earbits: Discover New Music

Earbits is a music discovery app and web service that delivers new head-bobbing songs directly to your phone or computer. Browse through talented under the radar artists and find new songs that you’ll really enjoy. It’s free and their are no commercials, a combination that can’t be beat. Earbits also rewards you for liking and sharing songs on social media by giving you “groovies” which can be spent on on-demand features so you can choose the song you want, when you want it.

There’s no time to waste, have fun with Earbits.

TuneIn15. TuneIn Radio: The Complete Radio On Your Own Device

TuneIn Radio is amazing app for your phone or computer that presents you with over 50,000 radio stations, one, two or a dozen of which are certain to be perfect for your particular taste. Browse by location, music genre, talk, sports, entertainment or language and find the station(s) that you want to listen to. Additionally, TuneIn Radio has a feature that takes your personal preferences into account and presents you with stations that they think you’ll find entertaining.

It’s the whole radio in the palm of your hand (or computer), enjoy!

Rdio16. Rdio: Music Done Socially

Rdio is a seamless combination of music player and social media that manifests itself in one of the best music apps available. Music-wise, Rdio has millions of song that you can stream individually or as part of a playlist. Additionally, if you don’t have WiFi or 3G internet, Rdio has a helpful feature that lets you sync songs to your device so you’ll never be left music-less. On the social side, Rdio allows you to see your friends songs and playlists so you can all start reveling in the same tunes. Music is meant to be shared.

Find and share it with Rdio.

Spotify17. Spotify: Play It By Ear

Spotify may just be the best way to listen to your favorite songs and to find new ones. Its uniqueness lies in the number of users that is has (over 40 million, and there’s a good reason for that) so the community grows and feeds on itself. If you know the song that you want, use Spotify to search and play it. If not, browse by category, listen to the customized Spotify Radio or check out one of the 1.5 billion playlists for the perfect one for your particular mood. And, after you’ve found what you like, don’t forget to share your Spotify favorites on a variety of social media websites. It’s the complete package.

With over 20,000 songs added everyday, Spotify is the music community to be part of.

Shazam18. Shazam: Know What You’re Hearing

Ever tune in to the radio and love a song but are not able to recall its name? Ever walk through the mall and wish you knew what amazing track was playing over the loudspeaker? Well, now you’ll quickly and easily be able to identify any song (or TV show) that you hear. Kindly direct your gratitude towards Shazam. Shazam can identify millions of tracks and TV Shows and when it finds yours, it also presents you with additional information like lyrics, recommended tracks and concert times. Additionally, Shazam gives you the option to buy what you are listening to right there on your phone.

Give Shazam a try, it’s all ears.

SoundCloud19. SoundCloud: Unleash Your Inner Artist

SoundCloud is a social media music app where anyone who thinks that they have the talent and the fortitude to be a musician can participate. There are two parts. As a performer, SoundCloud allows you to record your own songs and upload them to your SoundCloud profile. As a listener, you can search for your friends or other musicians whose sound’s you like and follow them. It’s simple and it allows anyone to put their talents on display.

See how many followers you can accrue.

2Figure0. Filter: Create Music On The Go

Filter is a fantastic app that lets users create their own sounds and beats whenever they have 5 minutes and some inspiration. Different drums, basses and leads can all be tweaked, mixed and otherwise manipulated to make an awesome beat with just your finger tips. And, thanks to the newly updated social media feature, your friends can now all be impressed by the fresh beats that you come up with.

Say hello to Filter and say goodbye to boredom.

The Top Ten Ways To Be Social

2Brewster1. Brewster: Never Lose a Friend

There are few experiences more frustrating than losing contacts and having to copy them one by one from a different phone, or to be the person who makes the “I lost my contacts, please text me” status on Facebook; you never want to be that person. Thankfully, with Brewster, you’ll never have those type of problems again. Brewster uploads  your contacts from all your accounts (we’re talking Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, your phone and a whole lot more) and syncs them to all your devices. It’s simple and it’ll save you a lot of headaches.

Simple, elegant and effective. It’s Brewster.

Cloze22. Cloze: Keep Track of Your Relationships

Cloze is an app that organizes your relationships across email and social media so you can filter out the friendships that mean less to you and be able to maximize the friendships that you treasure. Whether it’s by a graduation or during a fun party, friendships change and shift. In this vain, Cloze arrives to help you maintain contact with people you care about, while making room for your new friends. Additionally, Cloze promises to not spam you or share your information so it’s completely safe.

Go get a grip on your life you social butterfly, go get Cloze.

2Telegram3. Telegram: The Best Messenger App That Money Can’t Buy

On the surface, Telegram looks like any other messenger app like Whatsapp or iMessage. When you look a little deeper however, Telegram is much more. Firstly, Telegram is the quickest messenger app so when you’re in a rush, and you’re probably often in a rush, you’ll know that Telegram is getting you your messages as quickly as possible. Additionally, Telegram is cloud based so you can access you messages (or videos, pictures and files) on all of your devices. Telegram also heavily encrypts your messages to keep your messages private and is a free app that promises the remain free.

With features like that, messaging with Telegram is a no-brainer.

Tinder24. Tinder: The Modern Way To Meet

It’s certainly revolutionary and perhaps a little bit unorthodox, but in a world where people are always looking to find their soul-mate, Tinder may be the game-changer that’s evaded us until now. Here’s how it works. You sign up on Tinder using your Facebook and Tinder then automatically matches you with people in your local area. You then have the option to like or pass on the person (anonymously of course). If you both chose to like each other, Tinder creates the match and allows you to message each other.

Tinder: Make sure that no love is lost.

swarm25. Swarm: Spend Less Time Organizing and More Time Having Fun

Swarm is a great app for finding your friends to see if their up to something fun, or to let them join you in your wild adventure. The Swarm homepage is a feed of where your friends are, from a few hundred feet away, to a couple of miles. If you want to hang out with a particular friend, just tap on his/her picture and you’ll be able to message or call them. Swarm is safe because the only people that can see your general location are your pre-approved friends and you can even turn off this tracking feature if you don’t want them to know your location.

Find someone to join you with Swarm.

Path26. Path: Keep Your Friends Close

Path is a mobile journal with an intimate feel. Users can share photos, videos, where they are, who they are with and much more. What makes Path different from other similar social networks like Facebook, is that Path limits you to having 150 contacts, so you’ll only be sharing with and hearing from people who you care about. Vice President Matt Van Horn put it nicely when he said, “Taking a photo on the porch with your sister if you were to post to a larger network might not be that interesting. But if your mom, who is on the other side of the country, sees it then it’s magical.”

Keep in touch with the people who you really care about, keep in touch with Path.

Heyday27. Heyday: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

It is often difficult to chose between living in a moment, or capturing it to enjoy at a later point. Heyday, an automated journal, that lets you make both of these experiences a reality. By using your location, photos and videos, Heyday automatically creates a beautiful collage and log of your day so you can go back and relive the wonderful memories from yesterday, last month or even a few years ago without having take out a pen and paper and write.

In memory of the obsolete written journal, use Heyday.

2Circle8. Circle: Have Friends Around

The concept behind Circle is simple; combine a database of your friends with your current location to figure out who is nearby and what there is to do. All you need to do is agree to let Circle sync your Facebook account and then you can start finding your friends and having a blast. Additionally, Circle has a feature that shows you what type of events are happening around you so you’ll never be at a loss trying to find something to do.

With a sleek interface and a natural user-experience, Circle makes your social network your local network.

Knotch29. Knotch: It’s a Matter of Opinion

Knotch is a an opinion-sharing app that lets you find and discuss a wide variety of topics with people who are like-minded and with those who have dissenting views (if you can stomach to hear those crazy thoughts.) Regardless of what you are passionate about, be it religion, the virtues of apples or your favorite chore, Knotch allows you to express yourself and to see/discuss instantly with people who agree and disagree with you.

Your opinions matter, your opinions are top Knotch.

Snapchat30. Snapchat: Life Is About The Moments

We’ve saved the best Social Media app for last because Snapchat is instant fun with your friends. Snapchat lets you send pictures and videos to your friends that delete in 10 seconds or less. On top of that, Snapchat has added features like “Story” where your snaps can be viewed for 24 hours, “text-snaps” (texts that delete as soon as the reader leaves the screen) and the very cool live video chatting from your phone feature. Snapchat is great when you want to quickly show your friend where you are, send a hilarious picture or to just have fun with. Enjoy.

It’s extremely entertaining (if you have funny friends) and a great way to communicate. Snap to it!

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The Top Ten Ways To Make and Enjoy Videos

MixBit31. Mixbit: All In One Videoing

From the makers of Youtube comes the best app for recording and editing videos straight from your phone. Mixbit, is an easy-to-use video app that will bring out the movie director in you. Moreover, the Mixbit website lets users work together on videos. Users can remix each others work and use content that’s already been uploaded to the website. After you are done creating your masterpiece, use Mixbit to upload your movies directly to Facebook, Twitter or just keep them for your own personal enjoyment.

Start creating movies, start with Mixbit.

Vine32. Vine: An Instant Burst of Fun

Vine is a social-media and video mashup app that lets users create their own quick looping videos of up to 6 seconds, or to watch other people’s performances. Vines are basically GIFs on steroids, funny, quirky and short videos that you’ll love to watch and share with your friends. The company was recently acquired by Twitter so you know it’s good and here to stay.

Get creative, get a sense of humor, get Vine.

Cameo33. Cameo: Short Films With Big Potential

Cameo is the perfect balance between quick videoing apps like the previously mentioned Vine, and creating a full length video on your computer. The Cameo app allows you to browse through great videos that have been already made by the community. And, when you’re ready to start creating your own, use Cameo to record, edit, add themes and music and really turn your 2 minute or less of footage into a masterpiece. Cameo also has amazing features like “live collaboration” where you and your friends can share clips being recorded live, and Cloud storage so your creations don’t need to take up space on your phone.

For the novice and expert video makers alike, Cameo’s got what you need.

Glide34. Glide: Video Chatting and Texting Revolutionized

As smooth as the name implies and as useful as the title indicates, Glide is an amazing app that is ready to shake up the way that we communicate with our friends and family. Glide is basically video chatting combined with texting. Here’s what’s so amazing. Glide users can either live video chat with their friends, or, if their friends are not around, send videos that their friends can check at their own convenience. Glide is optimized for these video services so you don’t have to waste your time opening up your phone’s video recorder and uploading the video that you took to your messaging platform. Simply use Glide and send videos to a person or a group without any hassle.

Don’t just change with the times, Glide with them.

5by35. 5by: Youtube Personalized

By paying attention to your likes, dislikes, preferences and moods, music services like Beats Music, iHeart Radio or Pandora changed the way that people enjoy their favorite songs. 5by promises to do just that for videos. 5by offers you different categories of videos such as “Hip Stuff” or “Blowing You Away” and allows you to see the best videos that fall under those categories. By liking and disliking videos, 5by gets to know you and your preferences so you’ll only see the videos that are worthy of being watched. You can also browse 5by by what’s new or trending. It’s a great way to sail through the gigantic ocean of videos on youtube and we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

The videos that you’ll enjoy all in one place. Try 5by.

Magisto36. Magisto: Video Editing in a Click

Everyone has videos and pictures on their phones that deserved to be shared with the world. The challenge however, is editing them. Editing videos can be complicated, time-consuming and wholly unsatisfying. Well it was, until Magisto. Magisto automatically edits your photos and videos into amazing movies that you’ll love to watch, re-watch and share. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. First, choose the videos or photos that you want to make into a movie. Then, select the music or soundtrack for your film. Lastly, write a creative title. Magisto takes care of the rest by analyzing your clips, choosing the best and most exciting parts and compiling them all together into a wonderful movie.

Stop wasting time editing and just Magisto it!

Telecast37. Telecast: 15 Minutes of Fun

Hand-picked by real people and not automated robots, Telecast is a fantastic app that delivers three 5 minutes videos to your phone that are personalized for your taste. It’s purpose is to bridge the connection between film makers and their fans so people can create what they love to create for the type of people who will love watching it. Eventually, Telecast hopes to make the entertainment industry become an interactive experience where enthusiasts will have more say in the content that gets produced.

For the people, by the people. Try Telecast.

3Epoch8. Epoch: Entertainment on Your Own Terms

Epoch is a video curating app that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver you the videos that you will want to see. The instructions are very simple. Choose from a category of videos. If you don’t like a video that you’re watching, simply swipe and start watching the next video. Epoch uses a unique algorithm to ensure that you don’t have to waste your time with similar videos in the future. Epoch also saves your place in a video so you can skip video or change the channel and be able to come back and continue watching from where you left off.

Watch the videos you want, when you want them. Watch with Epoch.

1 Second Everyday39. One Second Everyday: Every Second Counts

Life is about the little things: the coffee date with your friend, the melodious chirping of a bird or the smile on your baby’s face. One Second Everyday will help you capture those precious moment. This app reminds you everyday to take a short video. These videos are added to your app calendar where you choose a one second clip to be that day’s representative. After a few weeks, an amazing collection of videos will add up to create a video slideshow of your life. As Cesar Kuriyama said, “When I turn 40, I’ll have a one hour video of my 30’s.” Now that is an app worth downloading.

It takes One Second Everyday, but the results can last a lifetime.

Cinemagram40. Cinemagram: It’s Time To Get Moving

A Flixel-like app with a built in social-network, Cinemagram is a top rated way to create and share moving pictures straight from your phone. Simply record a video and highlight the part of it that you want to move. The rest will remain still like a photo to which you can apply an aesthetic filter and enjoy your tremendous effect. These GIFS can be shared on Cinemagram’s own social network, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr straight from the app. The possibilities are endless.

See what you can create with Cinemagram.

The Top Ten Ways To Stay Productive

Anydo41. Any.do: Simply Stay Organized

Any.do has a simple mission, help people stay organized and on top of their schedules. With powerful features and a simple layout, Any.do is the app to do just that. This useful app syncs across your devices so no matter where you are or what you are using, you’ll have your daily plans available for you. Any.do also has a calendar feature that integrates perfectly with the app and the company is planning on coming out with a memo app to join the team.

It’s clean, simple and effective. It’s Any.do.

Asana42. Asana: The Modern Way To Work Together

Asana is an amazing app that helps teams to stop focusing on the who, what and when of getting things done, but the actual work. Perfect for any company, whether just a start-up or a multi-contenant corporation, Asana is the best way to organize your business. It’ll help you to keep track of who is doing what assignment, what priorities need to be taken care of and who to assign the next task to. It’s an all in one managerial tool and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever stayed organized without it.

Stop doing work about work and start doing the work that you love. Try Asana.

Evernote43. Evernote: Everything, All In One Place

Life happens quickly. Whether it is remembering the four homework assignments of that day, a cool page that you found on the internet, or your daily shopping list, there is always information accumulating and no good way to keep track of it all. No good way that is, until Evernote. Evernote stores all your information, texts, audio recordings, web pages, files, snapshots and more on one clean and easy-to-use app so that you can stay on top of everything that you find on any given day. Evernote syncs across all your devices so you’ll never be without the information you need. Share something with a friend or colleague, plan your next trip or just be comforted to know that all your information is safe and accessible.

The possible uses are innumerable, so many in fact, that you’ll probably only remember them if you use Evernote. Enjoy!

44. IFTTT: Put The Internet to Work For YouIf this then that

If this then that. One simple sentence that will change the way you use the internet. First, simply enter the “If” (“The Weather Channel says that tomorrow is going to be below 50 degrees”) then enter the “That” (“send me a text message”) and watch as a whole multitude of tasks become easy, automated and taken care of. IFTTT (pronounced like gift without the g) receives and coordinates triggers from 108 different channels like your phone, your email or favorite social media sites and allows you to trigger an action in any of those 108 places.

If This Then That; one simple sentence that you’ll be using again and again.

Notability45. Notability: An App Worth Taking Note Of

Notability is an amazing app that will make note taking, organization, paper editing and more easier and more efficient for students and teachers alike. One example of what Notability does is solve the problem of not being able to write small letters quickly on a touch-screen. This handicap severely hampered these devices note-taking abilities until now. Notability invented a great feature where writings in a given field is shrunk down to a reasonable size that will make taking notes on your iPhone or iPad much easier. Additionally, Notability allows teachers to edit and annotate student’s papers right on the app. Think of all the paper that will be saved.

With so many more tremendous uses and applications available and ready to help, adding Notability to your school is a no-brainer.

EasilyDo46. EasilyDo: Your Mobile Personal Assistant

After you’ve downloaded EasilyDo, sync it up to your Facebook, Email or whatever other accounts you deem useful and then watch as your phone instantly turns into a free personal assistant. For example, EasilyDo will keep track of your friend’s birthdays so you never have to send one of those awkward belated birthday cards. Moreover, EasilyDo will  give you directions to meetings that it finds on your calendars, display tickets and boarding passes prominently so you don’t have to worry about losing the papers and alert you when there is bad weather or when someone is awaiting your RSVP.

The stress-free way to stay on top of your life. Let EasilyDo help.

Waze47. Waze: The Fastest Way To Get Around

By combing a social aspect with the GPS industry, Waze has become the best app for getting directions and beating traffic. Waze is a free app that has users help each other out by reporting accidents, traffic, police and more in real-time. By taking these impediments into account, Waze is able to give you with the best route to be able to get to your destination as quickly as possible. In the same fashion, Waze will also help you avoid getting tickets, find parking spots and locate stations for cheap gas.

It’s people helping people and it works. It’s Waze.

Lyft48. Lyft: Drive Together

According to the Lyft official website, 80% of the seats on the road are empty. This not only wastes gas money, but it easily remedied by people helping each other out and giving lifts. Lyft makes these connections happen. A simple tap of a button lets drivers know that you are in need of a lift and an automated matching system gets a driver to you ASAP. Lyft drivers are all pre-approved people who have passed a serious background check including driving records and in-person interviews. Lyft also charges your credit card for the drive so there is no need to carry cash. It’s like a taxi service, but easier, cheaper and friendlier. A civilian taxi service.

Meet friends, help out, get rides, make money. Need a Lyft?

Everest49. Everest: No Challenge Too Great

Get that evasive 6 pack, travel to a new country, volunteer at a local soup kitchen. No matter what your goals are, Everest helps you conquer the challenge. Everest helps you break your lofty goals down to smaller and more manageable parts so you’ll really be able to take practical steps to accomplishing your dreams. Everest also provides motivation by encouraging  you to take pictures and notes along the way so you can track your progress and realize how far you’ve come. Lastly, Everest allows friends to follow and comment on each others activities; perhaps the good kind of peer-pressure that can give you that extra push towards making your dreams a reality.

Everybody has an Everest. Conquer yours today!

Lift50. Lift: Do Your To-Do List

Lift is more than just a to-do list. It’s a step by step motivator to help you develop good habits and make positive changes in your life. Lift connects you to thousands of users who are attempting to reach similar goals as you (a lot of people are looking to drop a few pounds these days) so you can stay motivated and get helpful tips from people who are in relatable circumstances. Lift also has a great data feature that tracks, analyzes and celebrates your progress because small victories are the best motivation for continued success.

No matter what your goal is, Lift can help you get there.

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The Top Ten Ways To Get The News

Wibbitz51. Wibbitz: News Designed For Your Phone

Getting the news on mobile devices has never been an intuitive process. Reading articles while on-the-go just isn’t practical and sifting through large amounts of content to find the story that you want can be very inconvenient. Wibbitz has arrived to turn the whole industry on it’s head. With quick video summaries and other visual cues like maps and pictures, Wibbitz is a news source designed for smart-phones and people on the go. It’s quick, easy to navigate and luckily, it is free.

So stop reading long articles with small print and start getting your news with Wibbitz. Wibbitz, just press play.

Now this news52. NowThis News: Get The News Where Ever You Are

Short, funny, too the point, informative and notable, no matter what you choose, there are quite a few ways to describe NowThis News. Aiming to present newsworthy and interesting stories in roughly a minute, NowThis News brings light and entertaining videos straight to your phone or laptop. And, when a story catches your eye, use NowThis News’ great social-media features to share the wealth with your friends and families.

Watch quick news stories on the go or at home. Watch with NowThis News.

Umano53. Umano: Keep Your Ear To The Ground

While mobile-device news sources are limited because they often only tell the surface of the stories without getting into the important details, reading a newspaper is also not ideal because it can often be tedious and is certainly not practical while on the go. By having full length news stories be read by professional voice-actors, Umano is able to cut right to the middle of this problem and solve it. No longer do you have to settle for not getting the full story on your mobile device and no longer are you relegated to hearing boring and automated voices butcher the text that you want it to read. Umano has real people reading the stories that you want to hear.

Follow the news as it was intended to be heard. Try Umano.

Summly54. Summly: Get To The Essence Of Things

Gone are the days of having the cipher through pages and pages of content to find the stories that you want to read. Gone are the days of having to scroll through articles and websites to find just the topics that interest you. Recently acquired by Yahoo, Summly is a news source that takes what you want into account. Using a unique algorithm that purportedly thinks like a human, Summly is able to bring you the stories that you want to read in quick 400 character headlines filled with breath-taking photography that can easily be expanded into full articles.

Categorized, summarized and personalized. The news is better with Summly.

Feedly55. Feedly: Feed Your Interests

An RSS Reader is a service that allows you to follow your favorite blogs, podcasts and other online content in one easy to follow location. Feedly may just be the best of these RSS Readers. User-friendly and light, Feedly allows you to add content to your personal page across a wide range of topics so you will always be able to learn more about the things that interest you.

Try having all your articles in one place, try Feedly.

Pulse56. Pulse: Stay Current

Recently acquired by LinkedIn, Pulse is a news-agrogator that displays all of the current newsworthy articles that interest you on one clear and easy-to-use application. Unsurprisingly, Pulse syncs seamlessly with your LinkedIn account so you can read the best of what you are already following and share/discuss the important issues. Using Pulse is a pleasure and it provides a great way to receive and share content with all of your professional connections.

When it comes to your news, make sure to keep your finger on the Pulse.

Flipboard57. Flipboard: Your Personalized News Magazine

Similar to fellow RSS Reader Feedly, Flipboard is an amazing app that enables you to collect your favorite web-content in one easily navigable place. Flipboard brings interesting stories about a wide variety of topics that are sure to pique at least a few of your interests and has the features to allow you to share your favorite articles on a whole bunch of social-media websites. One of the things that separates Flipboard is its renowned magazine-like interface that allows you to rapidly flip vertically through headlines and articles without having to wait for new pages to show up or load.

Flip through the content that interests you with Flipboard.

Reeder58. Reeder 2: All Your News, All The Time

Designed specifically and solely for iPhone’s, Reeder 2 syncs your RSS accounts like Feedly, Fever, Feedbin and more to one central location so that you can enjoy all your news services without having to open and close all your separate apps. Reeder 2 uses gestures, filters and themes to give you the best user experience possible and with your content all in one place, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to give Reeder 2 a shot.

Read cover 2 cover with Reeder 2.

Swell59. Swell: Listen, Learn, Laugh

Swell is a podcast streaming app that is primed to deliver you fascinating podcasts for when you are on the go or just want to learn or laugh. With a bare-minimum design, Swell is extremely easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. Additionally, the more you use Swell the more you’ll enjoy it because it is able to learn about your likes and dislikes and will adjust the content delivered accordingly. And, if you don’t want to listen to the recommended track or the podcast that is trending, use the search bar to get to the exact show that you want to hear.

It’s simple as 1-2-3. It’s real Swell.

Circa60. Circa: Your News Made Bite-Sized

Swift, compact and to the point, Circa makes consuming news while on the go easy and enjoyable. Whenever a story breaks, Circa’s team of editors does a fantastic job to break down the story into small fact central chunks, pictures, maps and more so that you can really enjoy getting the news on your phone. Additionally, if there is a story that really grabs your attention, you can use Circa’s “Following” feature to get the updates to the events as they unfold.

News travels quickly. Use Circa to stay informed.

 The Top Ten Ways To Learn

Duolingo61. Duolingo: Learn a Language Symbiotically

People from different places are unable to communicate with each other because of a language barrier that would prove to not be an obstacle if there was a good way to learn a language. In a similar vain, there is a great amount of valuable content on the internet that is only accessible to one portion of the population because the rest of the world doesn’t understand the language that it is written in. Duolingo has created a program to solve both of these problems simultaneously. Users are given skill appropriate sentences in a language that they want to learn which they are prompted to translate into the language that they are familiar with. Hints, clues and memory guides are in place to guide the user towards figuring out and remembering the right words and as the user improves, more challenging sentences are given.

With results backed up by science and the ability to contribute as you learn, Duolingo may be the future of learning another language.

6iTunes U2. iTunes U: Education Revolutionized

iTunes U is a game-changing educational tool for teacher and students alike. This app has college courses, audios, documents and more built in and ready for colleges and universities to use. With features that help students keep track of assignments organize their notes and read/create outlines it is no surprised that last year Apple announced that iTunes U has reached over one billion downloads.

Apple has always been revolutionizing industries. See what they did to education.

Coursmos63. Coursmos: Share Your Knowledge

Designed for a generation of students who get distracted easily, Coursmos is an amazing way to share and learn to information anywhere, at anytime. If you are a master in a certain topic, feel free to create short videos using Courmos’s great app whenever you have a free minute so people can learn from your experience. Students can then vote on what courses they want to continue and what specifically they want future lessons to cover. Teachers can give their courses for free, or charge a fee to watch.

Learn in small, easily manageable chunks. Learn with Coursmos.

StockTouch64. StockTouch: Conquer The Market

A powerful new way to observe and decipher the Stock Market, StockTouch may be the only finance app that you need to help you excel with your investments. A beautiful interface of heat maps that indicate how different stocks and the market as a whole are performing are categorized across 9 different sectors that can be edited, adjusted and filtered to provide you with all the information that you need. Easily track the top 900 stocks in the U.S. and Global markets or search and specify to see the industry or stock that you need to focus on. By zooming with your fingers, StockTouch provides all the details and most recent articles about a particular stock or company so you can stay up to date and informed. Additionally, zoom as much as five years into the past to track trends and get virtually instant updates to the market as the day unfolds.

All you need to know about the market in one app. Try StockTouch.

JoyTunes65. JoyTunes: Learn To Play

Have you ever wished you knew how to play an instrument but just never had the time or money to sit down and hire a tutor? JoyTunes is an interactive music teaching company that creates apps to help bring out the artist in you. Most recently, JoyTunes created Piano Dust Buster 2, an amazing game that teaches you how to play piano right there on your smartphone or tablet. And, using a unique music sensing technology, Piano Dust Buster 2 is able to pick up the notes, timing and melodies of your acoustic piano so you can use the app to learn how to make music on a real piano.

Learn current hits, old classics and more. Learn with JoyTunes.

66. Poems By Heart: Classics Off The Top Of Poems By HeartYour Head

Aptly named and extremely useful, Poems By Heart is an amazing interactive app that helps you remember poems. The benefits of being cultured and knowing some timeless pieces of poetry by heart can not be overstated and Poems By Heart is the app to make that goal a reality. Using self-proclaimed brain-training techniques, Poems By Heart is the only app that you need to learn the amazing works of Shakespeare, Walt Whitman and 19 other accomplished poets.

Express your love for poetry. Use Poems By Heart.

GuitarBots67. GuitarBots: Rock Your Band

With a similar gameplay to the ground-breaking game Garage Band, GuitarBots is an amazing way to learn how to play one of the most popular instruments in the world, the guitar. With a gameplay that doesn’t feel like practice and technology that picks up on the notes and rhythm of your real-life guitar, GuitarBots can help you learn to play using only your built-in microphone and no extra bulky equipment.

Join the band, learn the song, rock on. Go register for GuitarBots.

Codecademy68. CodeAcademy: Endless Possibilities

Computer Science and Coding are two of the quickest growing and most important industries in the world today and CodeAcademy is your key to unlocking the door to these types of jobs… for free. With step-by-step lesson plans in languages such as Javascript, CSS, Ruby and more, CodeAcademy is the place for beginner coders to go to pick up an amazing skill.

Learn efficiently, gain practical skills, try CodeAcademy.

How to Make Origami69. How to Make Origami: Make Paper Art

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes and figures. We’ve all been in school and made a paper airplane or boat, but how many of us were able to use just our hands and a standard piece of paper to make a dinosaur, a flower or a crane? With the How to Make Origami app, this amazing talent is accessible to anyone who has a smartphone. Follow step-by-step instructions and watch 3D animations to create over 70 amazing paper creations.

How to Make Origami, give them a hand!

Reading Trainer70. Reading Trainer: Read Cover To Cover

Reading is one of, if not the most important skill to have in the world. Reading allows people to stay current with news, stay in contact with friends or have a good time with a book and a hot chocolate on the couch. Reading Trainer is an amazing app that utilizes 12 different training techniques to help you read more quickly and to better retain the information that you read. Better yet, this app also supports foreign languages such as Spanish, French and Italian so you’ll be able to improve your skills no matter how many languages you know.

Read better. Remember better. Try Reading Trainer.

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Top Ten Ways To Stay Healthy

WebMD71. WebMd: Get Health Advice Anywhere

Since its creation in 1996, WebMd has been an amazing source for health and drug advice for users across the globe. Now, with a mobile app, you can download WebMd to your smartphone and have professional medical opinions with you where ever you are. Not only does this app give you the health and medical advice that you may need during your travels, but forward-thinking developers also implanted a feature that lets you see the severity of pollen, harshness of UV rays and more all based on your location.

Have your doctor in your pocket with Webmd.

MyFitnessPal72. MyFitnessPal: Apps For All Fitness Goals

MyFitnessPal is an amazing company that have created fitness apps for every time of health aim or objective. Whether it is the amazing Pact app that let’s users who reach their goals to workout more or eat healthier get paid by users who fail to reach their goals, or the calorie counter app that makes keeping track of the foods you eat and their health consequences as easy as possible, MyFitnessPal has an app for everyone.

Go ahead, find the fitness app that’s best for you with MyFitnessPal.

Vicejar73. ViceJar: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Ever try to start a good habit like eating healthy or running regularly? Ever try to kick a bad habit like smoking or staying in bed too late? ViceJar is the digital equivalent of a swear jar and will help you become the person that you envision yourself being. Simply add your goals and the amount of money that you are willing to put in your vice jar should you find yourself unable to succeed. Invite friends to help give you support, record your progress manually or with built-in features and start enjoying the new you.

Become the best you that you can be with ViceJar.

Moves74. Moves: Keep Track of Your Day

Health experts recommend taking 10,000 steps daily. With the new Moves app, keeping track and reaching that goal is easier than ever. Just by keeping your smart-phone in your pocket or bag, Moves tracks your walking, running and biking so you can follow your progress without giving it a second thought. In addition to keeping track of your movements, Moves also has a calorie counter, routes on a map and more.

Everyone wants to stay in shape. Go get a move on it!

Cardiio75. Cardiio: Follow Your Heart

By employing cutting edge technology, Cardiio is able to track your pulse in a matter of seconds using just your phone’s camera. This useful information will help you keep track of your health, display when you are most and least rested and provide you with the information you need to know if your heart is in good shape. It’s basically having a stethoscope in your pocket.

Keep your heart in the right place with Cardiio.

Bloodnote76. Bloodnote: Never Miss a Beat

Bloodnote is simple and useful app for tracking and remembering your blood pressure. This app is practical for everyone because blood pressure is one of the first and most crucial health indications that a doctor needs to see. By having all your records stored and readily displayed, your doctor can easily see your health trends and in turn, you’ll know what to maintain or what to change.

Get a clean bill of health with Bloodnote.

Skimble77. Skimble: Stay In Shape, Stay Motivated

Between losing weight, gaining muscle or just getting healthier overall, there are a wide variety of workout goals that people have. Skimble has something for everyone. With thousands of workouts to choose from, Skimble will make sure that you get the program you need and will also keep you from getting bored from the same repetitive workout. Skimble also has a community to discuss moves with and to keep each other motivated, and different programs with the best combination of different exercises.

It’s all the moves you need to get in the best shape of your life. It’s Skimble.

Nutrino78. Nutrino: Health Advice You Can Trust

Personalized and reliable, Nutrino is a food recommendation platform that will help bulk up or lose weight depending on your fitness goals. By inputting your tastes, goals and a little about your physical-self, Nutrino is able to develop the perfect diet that will be both nutritious and delicious and best of all, it’s based on USDA and NHS guidelines so you’ll know that it is good for you.

Enjoy meals, snacks and a healthy lifestyle with Nutrino.

Hello Doctor79. Hello Doctor: An App a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Keeping track of your health and medical records can be a tedious and an arduous process. The Hello Doctor App aims to fix this problem. This app uses a “SmartLists” technology to help you keep track of your medical records so you’ll have them ready for when the doctor wants to see them. Additionally, the “Notes” feature enables you to jot down any idea or question that you had for your doctor so when you get to his office for your checkup, you’ll be ready to go with everything that you need.

Stay on top of your health with Hello Doctor.

Sleepbot80. Sleepbot: Be Well Rested

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest and most concerning epidemics plaguing America today. As a result, people are going to sleep whenever they get a chance, are less productive or resort to drinking coffee copiously. Sleepbot is the sleep-aid app that can change all of that. By tracking your movements, sounds and more while you sleep Sleebot is able to wake you up at the lightest point of your rest so you’ll feel completely refreshed when you wake up. After a few nights, Sleebot will also be able to detect patterns and can make recommendations accordingly.

The one app you won’t want to sleep without. Try Sleebot.

The Top Ten Ways To Travel

TripIt81. TripIt: Your Automatic Itinerary

TripIt is an amazing app that creates a travel itinerary for you using just your email confirmations. When you receive emails confirming your hotel, flight, restaurants, activities etc., simply forward them to TripIt and they’ll take care of the rest. TripIt is also synched up with several websites like Orbitz and Kayak so booking through those websites automatically updates into your daily schedule. It’s easy, quick and incredibly useful.

Staying organized has never been this easy. Travel with TripIt.

Just Landed82. JustLanded: Airport Pickups Made Easy

There are few things more frustrating than having to wait hours for your friend or family member to disembark a plane because you left your house too early. Similarly, after a long day of travel and getting off a plane, no one wants to have to wait to be picked up. JustLanded is the app that will fix both these problems. Using your phone GPS and frequently updated flight information, JustLanded is able to alert you to leave your house at the perfect time (and will tell you the terminal and gate to go to) so no one has to be waiting grumpily at the airport.

Get to the airport on time. Get Justlanded.

Triposo83. Triposo: Your All-In-One Travel Guide

With over 8000 locations and 250,000 things to do, Triposo may just be the only app that you need in order to plan your next vacation’s activities. Simply type in your destination of interest and use directions, suggestions and more to find the perfect places to visit. Triposo also comes built in with a travel dashboard, currency converter and a phrase book so you’ll never feel out of place and best of all, it’s free.

It’s the smart way to travel, it’s Triposo.

Hotel Tonight84. Hotel Tonight: Last Minute Hotel Bargains

With Hotel Tonight, it’s all in the name. Hotels send this app their open rooms which are inevitably heavily discounted and you, as the buyer are able to book them quickly and easily straight from your smartphone. With hotels reaching out to them from all over the world, Hotel Tonight is the best way to find a last minute room at rock-bottom prices. It’s an adventurers dream.

Sleep well and sleep for cheap at a Hotel Tonight.


Fotopedia85. Fotopedia: See The World

Fotopedia is a photo-sharing app that lets you browse and share photo-based stories from all over the world. Featuring 9 different apps from all different locations on Earth, Fotopedia is a great way to share your photography genius, and to see others at work. One of the most useful features of Fotopedia is, when researching a vacation, a restaurant or anything else, you don’t need to take people’s word on the virtues and qualities of the place, you can just see for yourself.

Meet people, explore worlds and don’t forget to take a picture. Get Fotopedia.

Roadtrippers86. RoadTrippers: Your Trip In An App

For college students, retired citizens and anyone else with a drivers license, the road trip is one of the most coveted activities to undertake. Now, with the new Roadtrippers app, having a blast and enjoying all the sites on your way is easier and more accessible than ever. Simply enter in your starting location and your destination. Roadtrippers will provide you with all the information that you need for your travels, plus exciting entertainment, attractions, restaurants and more that are in a specified range of your route.

Stop waiting and start exploring. Enjoy Roadtrippers.

skyscanner87. Skyscanner: Scour The Skies For Cheap Flights

Skyscanner is an amazing app that lets you compare millions of flights from over 1000 airlines in a manner of seconds. With Skyscanner, filter flights by taking off/landing times, prices or airlines and ensure that you get the best deal possible. Skyscanner also allows users to find the cheapest days to fly and the cheapest places to fly so your vacation money can be used towards buying that expensive stuffed bear in the gift shop and not towards getting to your destination. Best of all, Skyscanner has a sharing app so you can help your friends and family find the flights that they need.

Stop wasting time and start flying for less with Skyscanner.

WorldMate88. WorldMate: Traveling Revolutionized

Worldmate is just that, an extremely useful companion to have with you whenever you travel. With features that help you quickly and intuitively manage your itinerary, book cheap hotels and keep you informed about the place that you are visiting, you’ll never want to take another trip without it. The 10 million users who have already signed up can attest, traveling with WorldMate is traveling made simply.

Have a traveling friend with you in WorldMate.

Airbnb89. Airbnb: Find Hosts Anywhere

Connect travelers looking for a place to stay with hosts who have a little extra space for rent. It’s a simple concept but when employed smoothly and cleverly, it can really turn into an amazing idea. Airbnb helps travelers find, save and share their favorite places to stay. Booking is done straight through the app, making the process as seamless as possible. As a host, Airbnb lets you do a background check of your guests before you agree to have them over and can review/manage your upcoming reservations so that you can always stay on top of your obligations.

Stay at a homey place with Airbnb.

FlightAware90. FlightAware: Know The Skies

FlightAware is a flight-tracking app with a whole assortment of great features to help you stay on top of departing or arriving flights. By entering in a little information about the flight that you are interested in, FlightAware will tell you the location, speed, altitude etc. of the plane all on one beautiful screen. FlightAware can also show you flight maps, send you notifications about specific flights and a screen-saving feature that saves you from having to enter in your flight number of interest more than once.

Be an intelligent flyer with FlightAware.

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The Top Ten Awesome Apps

iPoe Collection91. iPoe Collection: Edgar Allan Poe Brought Back To Life

Famous for his dark poetry and gripping stories, Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer whose works have entertained and frightened readers since the 1800’s. With the new iPoe Collection app, Poe’s works have now been brought to life with color, effects and of course, a touch of horror. Each one of Poe’s most famous works are enhanced with illustrations and interactive features so that the stories are even more entertaining and more realistic.

Enjoy the timeless classics of Edgar Allan Poe with the iPoe Collection.

9National Parks2. National Parks: Become One With Nature

From beautiful snow-capped trees in the winter, to the magnificent foliage in the fall, America’s National Parks are amazing places to visit for nature-enthusiasts or those who are just looking to relax. The new National Parks app by National Geographic is the all-in-one guide book that you need to get around these splendid public gardens. Check out photos, read tips/recommendations and make sure to log your favorite parks, itineraries and photos for the ultimate National Park experience.

Hear the birds, feel the wind, smell the trees. Enjoy the National Parks.

SkyView93. SkyView: Space Revealed

SkyView is an augmented reality sky viewing app that is sure to be enjoyed by people fascinated by astronomy, or others who are merely interested in uncovering some of the world’s beauty. By simply pointing your phone at the sky, SkyView can locate constellations and can tell you where the planets, sun and moon will be at any given time or date. Additionally, with SkyView you can spot several of the most important satellites, track celestial bodies and best of all, it updates automatically so your picture will be as accurate as possible.

Explore the universe with SkyView.

Monument Valley94. Monument Valley: The World’s Most Beautiful Game

You may be asking yourself, why is Monument Valley, a game, in the amazing apps category as opposed to the seemingly more logical games category. One look at this amazing app will provide you with all the explanation you need. Stunning graphics and mind-blowing animation makes this game more than a fun adventure, it’s eye candy. Guide the princess through a crazy maze of towers and other “impossible” shapes in order to complete all 10 levels and call yourself The Monument Valley King.

Play the game and see the beauty with Monument Valley.

WolframAlpha95. Wolfram Alpha: The Search Engine That Knows

Unlike other search engines that direct you to links upon links of potential answers to your questions, Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine that uses tons of curated data to provide you with the answer to your question instantly and accurately. For example, Wolfram Alpha can give you the answer to prices of electricity in Illinois ($10.73/kw.h), the Oscar Nominee for Best Picture in 1993 (Clint Eastwood won for Unforgiven) or the age of age of Albert Einstein in 1888 (he was 8.) It’s a powerful tool but you’ll really only understand its capabilities once you try it.

Get your answers and get amazed with Wolfram Alpha.

WWF Together96. WWF Together: Explore The Animal Planet

Winner of many awards including the Apple Design Award of 2013, WWF Together is an amazing app that lets users interactively explore some of the worlds most fascinating creatures. Featuring marvelous animals like Giant Pandas, Elephants and Sea Turtles, WWF Together has breath-taking photography, fun-facts and other interactive games in order to bring the full story of these animals to life.

Animals brought to life on your smartphone, it’s WWF Together.

Dreamboard97. Dreamboard: Your Electronic Dream Journal

A dream journal is a place to record what you remember about your dreams in order to allow you to look back on the past and perhaps find patterns in the dreams. Dreamboard, an intriguing app designed by a team of dream psychology experts, was made to allow people to accurately and effectually record the significant details of their dreams. Input the participants, the color scheme, the mood etc. and let this amazing app tell you things about your subconscious that you never knew.

Analyze your dreams with Dreamboard.

iTranslate Voice98. iTranslate Voice: Voice to Voice Translation

Being in a foreign country or trying to speak a foreign language has long been an overwhelming experience. Thanks to iTranslate Voice however, it is no longer a problem. iTranslate Voice recognizes your speech and translates it into one of 42 languages and counting. So, when you’ve successfully translated your driving directions request into Spanish, you can then use the app to translate the Spanish back to English and understand flawlessly. This app is better than other translating apps because it actually speaks and pronounces the words properly instead of just giving you the text.

Instantly speak another language with iTranslate Voice.

Medium99. Medium: Quality Blogging For Everyone

Founded by Evan Williams (who you may recognize from Blogger or Twitter), Medium is a blogging app that allows users to filter posts so that the quality reaches to the top and bloggers can spend less time marketing and more time writing good pieces. Writers can share drafts of their posts to peers for editing help, comment on other peoples works and even recommend content to others. Posts are organized by theme so you’ll be able to read whatever topic intrigues you and make sure to vote your favorite writers up so that they keep on writing.

Join the content sharing wave of the future. Join Medium.

Timehop100. Timehop: See Yourself Grow

From tweeting, to posting on Facebook and sharing photos on Instagram, every day many of us leave a significant internet footprint for the world to see. These updates however, tend to get lost in the shuffle of our busy lives, never to be seen or heard from again. Timehop is here to change all of that. By curating from some of your favorite social networks and camera roll, Timehop sends you an update every morning of what you were doing on the same date a year ago or earlier. There’s no easier way to see how you’ve changed in life, to reflect on the past and to make sure that you are headed in the direction that you’ve envisioned.

Jump into Timehop and explore your past!

The Top Ten Games

QuizUp101. QuizUp: The Best Trivia Game Around

With over 400 categorizes to choose from and gameplay that is as smooth as ice, it’s no surprise that since its inception, QuizUp has been one of the most popular games in the world. Have you wonderered if your hours of watching Mean Girls, uncanny knack for logo recognition or Woody Allen expertise would ever come to use? Now you can use QuizUp to prove your dominance and make your random knowledge valuable. QuizUp lets you play against your friends, or against random people from around the world and is sure to bring your random fact-knowing level to new heights.

Put your knowledge to the test with QuizUp!

Dots102. Dots: Simple, Fun, Addictive

Similar to Bejewled but with clean minimalist graphics and even more addictive gameplay, Dots is a game that you’ll soon start enjoying and may never want to put down. The object is simple, connect as many matching color dots vertically, horizontally or in a square as you can before the 60 second timer runs out. And, the board refills every time you eliminate a match so their is no limit to the score you can reach or the fun you can have.

The perfect game for when you have a minute to kill. Try Dots, and you may never want to stop.

Sing Something103. Sing Something: Combine Your Music Wit With Your Golden Pipes

Similar to the extremely popular game Draw Something, Sing Something puts your singing skills under the microscope (or microphone) and provides amazing gameplay where you are your friends will be belting out some of your favorite songs. Users select one of over 1,000 songs from a given list and sing it for their friends. The person they sent it to needs to guess the song and can also send a recording back to the original singer. Coins that can be used for unlocking other content are distributed whenever you or your friend guess a song correctly so make sure that you sing slowly and enunciate your words.

It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s social. It’s Sing Something.

Papa Pear Saga104. Papa Pear Saga: Pre-Pear Yourself For Addictive Fun

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga comes and all new game that’s just as fun and even more simple. To beat different levels and advance along this new saga, players are required to shoot Papa Pears into the inviting barrels below while avoiding different obstacles in the way. Hitting different objects will give you more points while failure to complete your level’s mission will result in the loss of lives that can be regenerated by inviting friends on Facebook or simply waiting.

Join the fun, join the saga. Try Papa Pear Saga.

Endless Road105. Endless Road: Drive, Drive, Drive!

The sweat is pouring down his face, determination fills his eyes and his brows descend into what seems like a permanent furrow. He’s driving for his life, and he’s driving fast. Such is the life of an overly dramatized Endless Road player. This game requires players to zig and zag in between 3 lanes to avoid pits, walls and other obstacles while collecting coins and staying ahead of the collapsing road below. See how far you can travel and don’t forget to use those green arrow speed bursts.

Take a trip down Endless Road.

Modern Combat 4106. Modern Combat 4: Fight To The Death

First person shootes are some of the most popular games on every console, and with Modern Combat 4, you can now enjoy the incredible graphics, fast paced gameplay and compelling storyline right from your smartphone. Use your wits and lighting fast thumbs to shoot, duck, throw grenades and more. One of the coolest features in this game is that you get to be on both sides of the story, playing the hero and the villain in an attempt to kill/save (depending on who you’re controlling at the moment) the President of the United States of America.

Modern Combat 4 is the continuation of an already impressive line of amazing games by Gameloft. Enjoy it today.

Mini Golf MatchUp107. Mini Golf Matchup: Put Your Putting Skills To The Test

Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, you? To join this list of elite putters, head out to the green (by tapping the game icon) and start playing Mini Golf Matchup. This amusing game pits you against one of your friends or a stranger (so you know their will definitely be a witness to corroborate the story of your hole in one.) Try using few strokes, collect coins/gems and of course avoid the pinwheel in attempt to reach the highest score.

Test your skills against one of the 10 million golfers already on the green with Mini Golf Matchup.

BADLAND108. Badland: Save Yourself!

Badland is a side-scrolling game that is unlike any other that you’ve seen in the genre. You play as a little alien puffball type creature in need of escape from a seemingly innocuous forrest that is in reality filled with traps and obstacles that can kill you in a number of horrific ways. Use your creativity, power-ups and flexibility to move through over 70 levels of challenging amusement. And, once you’ve mastered the game, feel free to try the multiplayer version where you and your friends will prove who is the most ruthless and who wants to survive badly enough.

It’s a game that you won’t be able to put down. It’s Badland.

LIMBO109. LIMBO: Be Careful Where You Step

Creepy in an “I need to see more of this” type of way, Limbo is a game that will fill you with dread and keep you hooked for hours upon hours of intense gaming time. The game begins with you, controlling a young boy, waking up in a 2d black and white forrest with no explanation as to how you got their or what you are supposed to do. Your goal is to make it through the forrest alive but it isn’t so easy as vicious traps litter the map resulting in quite a few inevitable gory and startling deaths.

A winner of over 100 awards, Limbo is a game that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Come and give it a try.

Blek110. Blek: A Magical Handwriting Puzzle Game

The object of Blek is simple, touch the color dots and avoid the black ones. Completing this mission is a little more challenging. In order to win, you must draw a pattern on your mobile device which will repeat and repeat itself across the playing field. If you drew it right, your magical little squiggle line will rove around tapping the color dots while missing the black dots. If not, you’ll definitely want to go back and try drawing again.

Watch your handwriting come to life with Blek.

Kiss your life goodbye, and download the ultimate time consumer TwoDots111. TwoDots: Not as Simple, Just as Fun, 10 Times more Addictive!

TwoDots is probably the next CandyCrush. This awesome game is the proof that great minds don’t rest after coming up with a great idea like it’s predecessor Dots. Instead, they took the best of the old game, fused it with lessons they learned from the mighty CandyCrush Saga, and came up with a winner! Unlike the first Dots game, this amazing sequel was made to keep us interested in the long run as each level has different challenges and making squares is more difficult as there are blocks in some of the levels, causing the dots to have a more complicated arrangement.

Kiss your life goodbye, and download the ultimate time consumer TwoDots!

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