Embark: Dog DNA Test

Posted on Monday, July 24th, 2017 by

Embark offers DNA testing for dogs.

23 and Me for Dogs

DNA testing sites for humans, like 23 and Me and Ancestry, have increased in popularity in recent years as people seek more information about their heritage. But information about our own genealogy can be untrustworthy and difficult to pin down. Embark is a natural addition to the online DNA testing kit space. The site offers DNA testing kits for dogsā€”so you can find out what exactly what mix of breeds that dog you just rescued from the shelter is. The company gives owners a family tree, clearly displaying the dog’s breed history using the latest research in canine genetics.

Genetic Health Information

Embark, like 23 and Me, also runs genetic health tests. It informs owners what diseases their pup is at risk for, and also lists the traits that make each particular dog tested unique. The idea is that owners will use the information received in their results in order to take preventative measures against diseases that most commonly affect their breeds. This leads to more well-informed owners, and, hopefully, healthier and happier dogs. There are so many variations of dog breeds and mixes out there, and it can often be difficult to tell exactly what breed or mix of breeds your dog is. Embark provides that background, adding some extra health information in along the way.

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