DogVacay: Who’s having the most fun this holiday?

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012 by

DogVacayPair dogs with a vacation home just right for them…

Before I came to live to Israel I had a great concern for a member of my family: my precious dog.  I was going away for a long time and my mother wasn’t really excited about looking after her for six months. Suddenly, I found a solution. I bought twenty pounds of dog food and trusted that without the expenses my mom would finally agree to take care for Wendy. And so she did.

If you’re about to go on holidays and own (and deeply love) a dog, you’re probably about to face the same problem. But don’t be afraid! DogVacay has come up with a great service “to find a real home to board your dog”. Do you love your dog too much to keep it in a cage? Do you need a price that won’t break your budget?  Then you’ve found your spot! The site browses hundreds of profiles so that you can find the perfect host and environment for your dog, where he “can get individual attention and roam freely”.  Your puppy will be able to spend time with well-socialized dogs under the supervision of a responsible dog lover. Even better, you can get photos of your dog’s “vacay” by email or MMS and relax seeing your dog having as much fun as you.

Just in case DogVacay also provides insurance coverage for your dog, emergency attention by the largest veterinary group in the country and customer support by phone and email. Don’t get stressed anymore! It’s time for both you and your dog to go on holiday. “It’s like dropping them off at your favorite aunt’s house”.

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