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In today’s digital world, automation is for the most part a good thing, even great, since it means that less time and effort are required to achieve the desired result. But when it comes to Web navigation and content consumption (whether in text, video or other media form) at work, at home or anywhere else, automation in the name of productivity can be a deterrent.

Search fatigue is becoming a widespread downside to the world of online search, and SEO-savvy spammers and marketing freeloaders try to grab your attention on that very first results page, under the pretense of offering valid and useful content…

At All My Faves we hate the lack of productivity and relevance in online navigation just as much as you do. That’s why we take the entire process of content filtering super seriously, and do it manually, with the help of our devoted team of human editors (yes, a team of actual people). We think our users deserve nothing but the Web’s absolute best content at a click’s (or tap’s) distance, and we’re willing to work very hard to do it right.

Team Spirit, December 2006 by Jiheffe

[Photo: Team Spirit, December 2006 by Jiheffe]

So how exactly do we choose the websites and online resources you find on the various pages and tools featured on allmyfaves.com? We receive hundreds of site pitches each week and our team of editors reviews each and every one of these. The filtering process becomes even more challenging when there’s a new content page in development. What we look for is websites’ high scores in all our criteria:

  • Popularity – The more the merrier, as it goes. If lots of people visit the site everyday, it means something good is going on.
  • Content – We look for useful service and/or information users can benefit from. It has to be interesting and valuable.
  • Security – The Web is filled with malicious entities praying on innocent users. Having a safe navigation experience is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we rule out any offensive content such as porn, gambling and other improper content right off the bat.
  • Design – The site has to look and feel good. There’s no way around it; looks play a major part in sites’ overall quality, even though this premise comes with some ethical contradictions.
  • No annoying distractions – Although a 100% ad-free website is a rarity these days, we try to pick sites that keep their advertisement space to a minimum, or at least contain it to a specified part of their page.

Although our content selection process can be painstaking at times, it’s not something we’re willing to compromise on. Whether you are seeking quick access to the high-profile websites you already know or, if you are seeking new top-notch sites in whatever you’re into, All My Faves is your ticket to the best content online.

In addition to designated pages offering the top sites in travel, business, blogs, education, kids, entertainment and shopping, we have created over 50 different Mini Faves pages to suit an entire array of tastes and interests, from art and design to cooking, finance, tech, style and politics, just to name a few. A world of exciting discoveries awaits you. We’ve worked hard to make it the best ever. Come in and let the faves begin!

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