New Game Categories on All My Faves: Kids, Physics and More

Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2011 by

Our games team is constantly hard at work to test and pick out the very best online games for you. Now, more than ever our games page offers lots of cool game categories to choose from with five brand new addicting game themes. The first is the revamped Kids category focusing on fun games that bolster skill and creativity development to keep the little ones happy and engaged (suitable for elementary school ages and up).

Speaking of skill development, our second game category is all about fun education and practice; Physics. We’ve thrown in some really interesting games here, such as Crash the Castle 2, Dynamite Blast, Energy Physics, Missing Mechanism and many others.

For the social-seeking players out there, see our spanking new Multiplayer games category. This one combines old school games such as Connect4 and a cute Mini Golf game with more challenging ones such as Bowman2 and Billiards. Another exciting game category we recently added is Throwing. Yes, throwing stuff is so much fun we decided to give it a faveline and a page of its own. Some of the games you will find here include Dummy Never Fails, Super Santa Kicker,  Pirate Launch and many others.

The fifth new game category is one you will either fall in love with immediately or loath at first glance. Zombies is suitable for teens and adults -most games in this category include blood splatters and such- and it’s packed with kill-the-zombies missions. Zombie Baseball is a name that says it all, as is Zombie Racing. If bloodiness is something you’d rather avoid, stay clear from Road of the Dead.

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