Introducing AMF’s NPO Page. Because Helping Out Should be Easy

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2011 by

All My Faves NPO – We are excited to announce the launch of All My Faves’ brand new Non-Profit Organization page (NPO). There is nothing quite like it on the Web and our team of editors had painstakingly reviewed and filtered out the most reliable and effective NPOs out there to create this special page.

Why NPO?

At All My Faves we are dedicated to making users’ access to the Web’s best content a fast and easy experience. But when it comes to charity organizations we discovered the Web lacks a simple, trusted and filtered one-stop place listing the best NPOs operating in various fields. How many times have you seen a ‘How You Can Help’ news article following an earthquake or tsunami event (as was the case with Japan this month)? Thanks to our NPO page, now there’s an easy, 1-click way to help those who need your support the most, and you don’t necessarily have to wait for a crisis to occur to help out.

What will you find on the NPO page?

The alphabetically-ordered NPO page addresses both post-crisis and ongoing support-based organizations across the entire assistance programs gamut. This means you will find the best giving options for the benefit of locations and communities in need of immediate relief (such as that offered by the American Red Cross and the Mercy Corps), but also NPOs addressing more basic needs such as clean water (Charity: Water), food (Feeding America) and many others. Here are some of the NPOs featured on the page. For the entire list of categories click here.

Additional NPO categories include health, women, HIV/AIDS, children, military, animals & wildlife, environment, social ways to give, even non-monetary ways to contribute (clothes and food donations). More importantly, we’ve also included an ORG Watchdog  category so you can double-check any non-profit organization’s credibility prior to making a donation. In addition, the NPO page offers valuable resources for those in the non-profit industry; you will find the best relevant news, jobs, volunteering, fundraising and tools resources for non-profits online, just to name a few.

We invite you to explore the new NPO page, where you will find familiar organizations alongside lesser-known charities that all make wonders in people’s lives. Giving is a blessing, and remember there’s a tax break for charitable donations!

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