Hot Off the Press: All My Faves Switches to a New Design

Posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011 by

All My Faves, the chosen visual homepage of over 5 million users worldwide just got better! We have completed our transition to the new design to create an even better All My Faves experience, on our homepage, the site’s various content pages and on your personalized MyFaves pages. This is hot news, and we’ve even published a press release letting the world know. Here’s a quick peep of the homepage’s new look:

So what does the new design mean to you? Well, first and foremost, the revamped website and the new menus give you quick and easy access to all the content available on AllMyFaves. In addition, we’ve made the entire collection of our designated Mini Faves pages available to you in one easy menu click. Whatever area you are interested in, simply hover over ‘Mini Faves’ and the entire list will appear (ordered alphabetically) – see it below.

Looking for some of the pages you loved visiting in the previous design version of All My Faves? You can find them all, simply hover your mouse over ‘Categories’ and you will get to your favorite games, blogs, education, business, entertainment pages in no time.

Go ahead and play with the newly designed site, and see how it feels. For any sort of feedback, please do drop us a line and tell us what’s on you mind – we’d love to hear it:

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