12 Must Have Tech Items for Women

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As any tech savvy woman knows, you just gotta have the best to be the best! And that’s what I’ve selected in this fabulous list: 12 of my absolute fave gadgets and tech items for us girls. I hope you enjoy them. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Forenote: I wrote the following guest post for the lovely website (and former Weekly Fave) Domestic Ease, for their Top 12 section. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Kristin Campbell and Beth Geoff from Domestic Ease for this great collaboration. But now let’s dive right into my 12 must have tech items that will rock any working woman’s world. 🙂

1. iPhone 4.

The iPhone makes it easy for me to have the entire digital world in the palm of my hand at a reasonable price. I feel it is the busy woman’s best friend, thanks to its top quality functionality and sleek design.




2. Bamboo iPhone Case by Grove.

A must have because it provides solid protection to my iPhone and helps to save the environment at the same time. Grove’s beautifully designed cases are all made of bamboo, one of the most sustainable and durable materials on the planet! The case design shown below is called Birds are Both Beautiful and Fascinating, designed by Madeleine Stamer.


3. Angry Birds Lite App.

I love having fun on my iPhone, and the free version of the Angry Birds game is my perfect commute time waster. Available at the App Store.




4. Nike + iPod/iPhone App (for Nike + running shoes sensor).

I just love the idea of my running shoes connecting to my iPhone device and acting as my personal trainer. All I need to do is pick a workout plan and start moving to get comprehensive real-time data straight to my iPhone. To learn more visit Nike + iPod.



5. Fooducate iPhone App.

This free app is a must because it facilitates my decision making at the supermarket. This way I make smarter choices without struggling to decipher what those product ingredient lists mean. Available at the App Store.



6. Style.com iPhone App.

This killer fashion app is free and packed with up to the minute styles, tips and trends, not to mention entire fashion shows of the world’s leading designers. A must have for the style-minded girl in me. Available at the App Store.




7. iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.


This cute product is one of my all-time favorites. I go to sleep and wake up with style, elegance and efficiency, with this iHome four-speaker compact audio system. It charges my iPhone, operates via Bluetooth to deliver premium sound and has a variety of app enhancements. Available at Amazon.com.



8. Netflix Unlimited Instant Viewing.


Since I don’t share the same gaming passion for PS3 as my beau does, I use the console at home to see movies and full show episodes on my TV screen with Netflix’s instant viewing. Now there’s a must have!




9. Greenamic TriPot Self-Watering Flower Pot.

I just love the concept of a self-watering flower pot for the home. Greenamic’s flower pot can go anywhere inside and outside the house, and all I need to do is plant my greens, water them and the pot “takes care of itself” for up to 8 weeks.




10. Cooking Timer & Thermometer.

This is by far one of the most useful kitchen technologies ever invented. No more hesitant checking and re-checking the roast at the expense of great conversations with guests and friends. I simply set the desired temperature and the device lets me know when the roast is done. Available at Amazon.com.



11. My Mini Faves page at All My Faves. 

This is my ultimate personalized homepage, a visual showcase of all my bookmarks and favorites in one clean starting page. No more long lists of bookmarks – I have it all here.



12. Folding Bikes.

A low-tech must have with hi-tech benefits. Except for the initial purchase, bikes are cheap to maintain, they are extremely good for the environment and they keep me healthy. Folding city bikes are especially convenient for commuters who enjoy riding their way to work every day. Available at Amazon.com (Schwinn).

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