Cloud Parade: So you can have that Rad & Unique Wedding!

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Cloud Parade is an online marketplace to shop and design your radical wedding! The site strives to change the way a bride and groom (and wedding vendors) design and purchase everything for their wedding.

Because It’s your Big Day!

Cloud Parade is a site the revolves around the concept that you have only one ‘big day’ in your life (your wedding), and on it you should be able to have all of your fantasies fulfilled.  This is why the site hosts hundreds of rad, unique, awesome wedding shops, that should cover all of your most esoteric desires… On this platform you can purchase a unique wedding cake, a wedding band you will wear the rest of your life, brilliant wedding invitations, or hip pinwheel centerpieces. The best part about Cloud Parade is the Cloud aspect. There is an abundant amount of inspiration boards built by other awesome Cloud Parade brides called Clouds. As a Bride is shopping, she can add items she likes to her Cloud to later view and become inspired.

Inspiration, Creativity, Possibility.

The Clouds are online inspiration boards hosted on Cloud Parade by many other awesome Cloud Parade users. A bride can browse and add items to her own personal Cloud, the purpose of a Cloud is to make awesome inspiration boards and find other brides’ amazing inspiration boards. Besides brides making Clouds, the biggest wedding vendors in the industry make Clouds to showcase new designs and visions for weddings. These specially designed Clouds are highlighted in Pink. The site’s team has also highlighted some in Gold, which represents what they believe are MUST-haves for this upcoming wedding season. Cloud Parade is NOT the place for the average, boring, old-school bride, it’s a one stop platform where savvy brides can shop, purchase, and build inspirational Clouds to design her unique and radical wedding.


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